10 Under 40 Winner

Andrew Nilges, Executive Director at North Sioux City Economic Development Corporation

What are you working on now? 

With the North Sioux City Economic Development Corporation (NSCEDC), I have been working with existing businesses to help them grow and thrive, as well as recruiting new businesses to North Sioux City. I have been working with the City of North Sioux City to establish a new industrial park which will open significant opportunities for further economic development in the community. I have also been working on workforce housing, advocacy efforts, and infrastructure planning. I have had the honor of serving on the Dakota Valley School Board for the past two years. In 2022, Dakota Valley was ranked the 3rd best school district in the state of South Dakota. I am excited to continue working as a board member to see that Dakota Valley remains a top school district. I am serving on several boards and committees to strategically grow North Sioux City and the Siouxland area. I am also working to improve as a coach ahead of the fall youth soccer season.

What is your vision for the future?  

My vision for the future of Siouxland centers around establishing opportunities for people living here and those looking at relocating here. These opportunities include creating high-quality job opportunities, developing affordable housing, enhancing educational opportunities, and establishing more events and activities. I believe if we build upon recent progress, we’ll continue to see growth. More importantly, lives will be positively impacted. 

What would you like to see happen in Siouxland? 

I am incredibly optimistic about Siouxland’s future. We might not always realize it living here day to day, but the Siouxland region has seen an incredible amount of growth over the past several years. My hope is to see the positive momentum continue. If the area is going to continue growing and thriving, then we need people celebrating what makes our home great. It is always wonderful to see people spreading positivity, supporting small businesses, attending events, serving nonprofits, and so much more. The more individuals  come together as a community the better off we’ll all be.

What are you doing to make that happen? 

In my role at the NSCEDC, I have the opportunity to grow the community through economic development efforts, hosting events, advocacy, and more. I serve on several boards which support tourism, leadership development, and economic development. I try to support education and youth development through my roles as a school board member and as a coach. I always try to spread positivity by sharing all that’s great about North Sioux City and Siouxland.

How can people help you make that happen? 

I appreciate people embracing what makes Siouxland great. I love it when people are attending events, supporting small businesses, volunteering, and spreading positivity. My hope is that people will continue to embrace all the good in Siouxland. At the same time, I hope people recognize the ways Siouxland can improve as a region, not be blind to where we can do better. As we identify opportunities to better our area, I’d encourage people to be part of the change, to get engaged in improving Siouxland.

What quote or saying inspires you? 

Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.

Volunteer Organizations: Dakota Valley School Board, Leadership Siouxland Board, Explore Sioux City Board, Heartland Economic Development Course Board, South Eastern Council of Governments (SECOG) Board, EDPA Legislative Committee, and Youth Soccer Coach.

The 2023 10 Under 40 was Sponsored by Security National Bank.

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