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SIOUXLAND MAGAZINE is written with a desire to help our readers learn; to see things from another perspective and to seek truth. The truth is we have more in common than we have differences. What brings us together is stronger than anything that divides us. Through this publication, we will start having conversations. This is an ambitious and beautifully optimistic attempt to shine light on all the things that make our community strong, but also discuss, in a productive and compassionate manner, the challenges we face. We are bringing people together, replacing judgment with understanding. Perspective is powerful.

As a community magazine, we are always looking for new individuals to contribute in order to expand the perspectives brought to the publication. In doing so, it also enriches the conversation as it gives a broader representation of the community.

Do you have something you'd like to share? Here's what you need to know....


Articles must be educational or inspirational, as well as align with our purpose. This is an optimistic, community based publication that strives to create meaningful conversations. Each issue has an opening section to highlight the theme and connect our readers to stories that open their hearts, minds and emotions. From here, we've divided the magazine into three sections that focus on educating and inspiring our readers:
  • Conversing (dynamic conversations that empower us)
  • BeComing (focused on your health, wellness, and mindset)
  • Collaborating (community-centered information and resources)

If you have expertise in one of these areas, this could be a great opportunity for you to connect with those that need to hear what you have to say. Do you feel compelled to add value to people and improve the community? We want to hear from you.

Articles can NOT be advertorial. "What's that?" you might ask. An advertorial is an article written purely to promote a specific product, service, person, or business. If your article comes off as "selling" the reader, it won't be published. Readers know when you are trying to sell them something. Instead, provide the reader with valuable information and helpful tips, as well as those inspirational stories that resonate in a powerful way.

Identify the section you'd like to contribute to based on your expertise.

Know your audience and explore how you'll connect with them. Our readers are passionate about growth and connection. They lead with curiosity and are constantly exploring ways to live their best possible lives. They are plugged into this community. They understand that we go further together. 

Take time to consider what's in it for the reader. You should ask yourself over and over that question. What's in it for the reader? Are you educating and/or inspiring them?

Make it interesting. How are you going to get their attention? There are many possible ways. Ask a question, share an interesting and little known fact, use a compelling statistic, or speak from personal experience. The point is, get their attention and keep it.

Do your due diligence. Make sure to thoroughly research when needed. Use references when necessary. It is imperative that the information in your article is accurate and properly cited when quoting or paraphrasing another's work. You are responsible for proper citation in your article.

Get organized. Again, have a clear purpose for your article. Know what the value is for the reader and what you want the take-away to be for them. Come up with a strong and catchy introduction. Outline the main points you'll hit in the body and close with powerful ending. 

Decide on type of article. Featured articles have a maximum word count of 1250 words. Short features have a maximum of 600.

Get clear. It is recommended that you use an active voice. This will help to keep your message clear, as well as keeping the sentences from becoming overly complicated or too wordy. In addition, try to limit the use of personal pronouns. 

Use positive language. As an optimistic publication, it only makes sense to be mindful of the language that you use. Be informative and encouraging. Have a can do attitude. Not only is the glass half full, but we have a glass to fill. 

Review. It is always smart to get fresh eyes on it. That means walking away from it for a few days and then rereading it. Does it still make sense? Does it have a clear purpose and flow well? Also consider getting another opinion. Is there someone you could have read it and give you honest feedback? Don't forget the obvious, use spell check.

Create a title. Is it catchy and on point? 

Give yourself credit.  Along with submitting your story, you will also include a by-line, short bio (maximum of 50 words) and your contact information. After all, we want the readers to know who gave them this valuable content. They'll recognize you as an expert and respect how you delivered the information without the sales pitch.

Additional requirements. It is also necessary to submit 3-5 high res images with your article. A picture is worth a thousand words. Beautiful images help draw the reader in, so consider what images would create the greatest impact. Include captions for each image and give photo credit.

Questions and further clarification. We are here to help. If you have any questions or just need to talk through a story idea don't hesitate to reach out. Let's do this!


This agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by ("Writer"), and Empowering Conversations, LLC ("Magazine"). 

Representations and Warranties of Writer. By submitting an Article to Magazine, Writer represents and warrants that the Article is Writer’s original work, that the Article is not owned by any third party, that the Article is accurate, that the Article has not been obtained by unlawful means, that Article does not violate the right of privacy of any person, that Article contains no libelous, obscene, or other unlawful matter, that the Article has not been previously published in any manner or medium, specifically including, but not limited to, print or electronic means, and that publication of the article by Magazine will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party. The Writer agrees to hold the Magazine harmless against any damages, including attorney’s fees, sustained in any suit involving the Magazine by reason of violation of any of these representations and warranties.

For Articles that are published, Siouxland Magazine has the sole and exclusive authority to determine whether or not to publish any and all Articles submitted by Writer

  1. Empowering Conversations has the right to edit and publish as sees fit.
  2. Submitting an article does not guarantee publication. It is at Empowering Conversations discretion to publish or not to publish. 
  3. Articles published by Empowering Conversations should not be submitted to other print publications within a 60 mile radius. 
  4. Verify that article is yours, original and accurate.

Writer hereby assigns to Magazine all rights to publish the Article, and all previously submitted articles of Writer, in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which it can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device, including without limitation the rights to archive, republish, edit, repackage or revise any Article in any manner as Magazine sees fit. Magazine shall have sole and exclusive rights relating to the Article.


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