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While reading Expand we hope to educate and inspire our readers, but even more importantly, to create a community that thrives on connecting with one another. At our core, we all want to connect. When we seek to understand by listening more intently, we find that our relationships deepen and our community strengthens as a result. With our appreciation for the power of connection through meaningful conversations, it only made sense to call our publishing company Empowering Conversations, LLC. 


Editor’s Note

My search for this month's cover person expanded beyond Sioux City to Jefferson, South Dakota. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Nicki Werner, the co-owner ...
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Ask the Therapist 

Question: “I have a beautiful life and everything I could want, yet I am not fulfilled. It seems like something is missing. Often, at the ...
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Hope, A Different Lens

As a young child, I experienced many years of chronic illness. This experience led to many months home from school, hospitalizations, and setbacks; but also ...
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It is our desire to get the conversation rolling, to hold space for ideas to manifest, to encourage full participation, and facilitate in this process that moves us forward.

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