Editor’s Note

In this issue of Expand, we have the opportunity to take a peek into the world of law enforcement. We get to see the person behind the badge. We are reminded of the importance of this role in the community but also that the people who wear the badge are people, just like us, too. I am very honored to share that our cover person for May is Police Chief Rex Mueller.

When I first asked Rex if he would share his story, he encouraged me to instead focus on more deserving individuals, other law enforcement officers, first responders, or the spouses who shoulder the tremendous role of supporting their loved ones. With that great insight, we decided to fold more into this issue. Not only did Rex graciously answer our questions, but we interviewed his wife, Sandra, and Jennifer Braunschweig, wife of Officer Jason Braunschweig. We also had a wonderful interview with Monique Scarlett, the founder of Unity in the Community.

Although we were able to share a few different perspectives into this complex and consuming life path, we know that we only scratched the surface. But it is my hope that it offers an opportunity to reflect on the different aspects of the life of those involved in law enforcement and to consider how we can be a stronger community through mutual respect and initiatives to work together.

Always approaching life with curiosity and love,


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