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CONVERSE is the heart of our magazine. It is here, we are starting conversations focused on issues that matter to our readers and that impact our community. We invite everyone to take a seat at the table and share their unique perspective. We are diving into difficult conversations, approaching seemingly unanswerable questions, with a commitment to embrace possibilities. We are allowing things to unfold by trusting in the process, leaning into the conversation with an insatiable curiosity. 

It is our desire to get the conversation rolling, to hold space for ideas to manifest, to encourage full participation, and facilitate in this process that moves us forward.

After sharing stories on homelessness for the last year, we finally had our first event on October 29th.  

 U n d e r s t a n d i n g   H o m e l e s s n e s s

We recognize that there are many people and organizations working tirelessly to help those in need. We applaud their dedication and collaborated with them on this event to educate and empower our community. Don’t worry if you missed it, you can still watch this dynamic conversation on Siouxland Magazine’s Facebook page.

Siouxland Magazine’s role was simply to amplify the voices of those deeply rooted in this work and give them an additional platform to connect with the community. And help facilitate the conversation.

During the event, we…

    • Heard stories that opened our hearts - Interviews with people who transitioned out of homelessness.
    • Connected and learned from change makers - Interviews with experts. 
    • Had powerful conversations provoked through Q&A time - Responded to your questions.

A Huge Thank You To:

Siouxland Public Media

Siouxland Street Project

SHIP (Siouxland Human Investment Partnership) & Matt Ohman (Executive Director)

City of Sioux City & Police Chief Rex Mueller

The Warming Shelter & Joe Twidwell (Board President)

Hope Street of Siouxland & Sara Johnson (Executive Director)

Homelessness is a world-wide, enduring, and complex problem. We were not setting out to solve it in a day but meet it with compassion and bridge understanding. It was, and still is, also our hope that our readers will continue the conversation, create momentum, and help where they can. One of the take-aways that came out of this conversation, that was months in the making, was that people can help by donating to the organizations that support the homeless.

Often, we feel compelled to hand change out our car windows, but unfortunately that doesn’t always go to the best use. Organizations not only have the ability to allocate resources where they are needed, but they also have the means to stretch the dollar further. This is one of many things that came from the event. Again, if you missed it, please consider going to the Facebook page and watching.

We all have a part in making our community better and spreading more kindness. Do what you can, ask when you are unsure, and always choose love.