10 Under 40 Winner

Chrystal E. Mollet, Trust Officer, Security National Bank Wealth Management  

What are you working on now? 

As an Executive Board member for the Siouxland Community Foundation, I have the privilege of reviewing scholarships and grants from all over Siouxland, which gives me a unique insight into the needs of the Siouxland community, and the philanthropy and resources available to meet those needs. I use the insight I have gained when speaking to others about what resources might be available to them, as well as what opportunities exist to volunteer and contribute within the community. The Foundation’s hallmark event, The Big Give, is just around the corner on October 3, 2023.  I take every chance to participate in the pre-meetings with the Foundation staff, and the not-for-profit groups, and to help provide guidance to the groups on effective tips for marketing their cause and creating more visibility prior to and during the event. 

I am also active in various leadership committees in my organization that seek to improve processes and procedures, to drive employee job satisfaction, retention, and culture; the positivity has proven to be contagious. 

I coordinate volunteer opportunities for my organization, and work with our marketing team to promote them company-wide. We have ongoing monthly commitments to the Soup Kitchen, and semiannually to the Food Bank of Siouxland. When I discover underserved organizations, I strive to organize group volunteering events to assist them.

What is your vision for the future?  

My vision for the future is to see improved engagement and retention of the young talent of Siouxland.  

What would you like to see happen in Siouxland?  

I would like to see leaders in Siouxland pledge long-term commitment to mentor young individuals, foster engagement in workplaces, and build a lasting positive culture.  

What are you doing to make that happen?  

I encourage and assist other leaders to improve their workplace culture by mentoring current employees, and by building a lasting framework for current and future mentors to utilize in their organizations for successful onboarding and retention of the young talent in Siouxland. I train and mentor new hires in my department and provide shadowing opportunities to employees throughout the company. Listening is the most invaluable tool in this quest.  I have sat with new hires to discuss their onboarding experiences and provided my insights on how to combine old and new approaches to help our company shape a more refined and revitalized onboarding process. I discuss the ongoing concerns and progress with senior leadership and encourage their thoughts, insights, and participation in the process with the ultimate end goal of establishing a strong, connected, and ongoing positive culture in our organization. I also call on peers in other businesses to discuss and share what has and has not worked for them in their own process. 

How can people help you make that happen?  

Others can offer to mentor someone in their workplace, or outside of it, by first listening to their needs, and then sharing their knowledge and experiences to assist them in forming goals. It doesn’t stop there—mentors must continue being a constant resource for individuals by following up throughout a mentee’s career journey. 

What quote or saying inspires you?  

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi 

Volunteer Organizations:

Siouxland Community Foundation

The Soup Kitchen

Food Bank of Siouxland

Miracle League 

The 2023 10 Under 40 was Sponsored by Security National Bank.

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