2B A Fat Burning Machine

Do you want to burn fat? Do you want a titanium tushy? Do KB swings. But you have to do them right…

The kettlebell swing is just a loaded hip hinge. It’s a basic, fundamental movement that, if we can do well, then the movement foundation is there to do a lot of other lifts much better.

The real purpose of a kettlebell swing is to train a hip extension. That’s it. That may seem simple, but there are a lot of nuances to that, and a lot of ways for it to go wrong. We don’t just want to approximate something that looks roughly like a hip extension. Most people, without good instruction, are biased to get them wrong.

The quality of this movement pattern (the hip hinge) matters more than how many reps you’re doing or how heavy the weight is. It’s crucial to pay attention to what’s important, not just what’s easy to measure.

Remember, the kettlebell swing is a hip-driven movement. We’re not here to train your arms or shoulders. Keep your arms relaxed, and just let them come along for the ride. If you feel like you shrug, you’re doing something wrong.

When it comes to burning fat and supporting your body’s metabolism, L-Carnitine is certainly a supplement you want to have in your arsenal. This naturally occurring amino acid is a popular supplement to support healthy weight loss. On its own, it is a non-stimulant but it can be found in several fat-burning products that contain stimulants. L-Carnitine also helps boost exercise endurance and supports muscle recovery.  About 98% of your L-Carnitine stores are contained in your muscles and trace amounts, in your liver and blood. L-Carnitine works by helping the body utilize fatty acids. The mitochondria act as engines within your cells and convert these fats into usable fuel, helping you burn fat during workouts.

By Cody Rininger

Cody Rininger is certified by the National Academy of Medicine as a Professional Fitness Instructor. He is also certified in Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Heart Variance, Nutrition, Neuromuscular Flexibility, Mental and Behavior Performance. He incorporates techniques for concentration, focus, motivation, and even ways to cope with anxiety. He was recently featured in a National Fitness Magazine and was asked to train in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. 

Prior to personal training, Cody received his Master’s in Instruction. He has first-hand experience with differentiating personalized instruction, planning, and goal setting. 

Cody brings his 2B Imperium training methods, knowledge, and experience to give clients the best overall experience, whether they have been exercising for years or are beginning their fitness journey. He trains out of the Four Seasons in Sioux City and North Sioux City.

Overcome. B Different. Dare 2B Great. Train 2B IMPERIUM…

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