8 Spring Trends To Try

Q: I’m so tired of winter! I want to start incorporating some spring looks into my style choices, but I’m not sure where to start. Help!  -Angela K. 

As a self-proclaimed Winter Superfan, my favorite six months of the year are September to February. My DNA is just programmed for the colder months, and it’s when I feel most alive. 

But – there is nothing like that first scent of Spring. Everything smells damp, like the deepest reaches of the earth are thawing out. If a season could smell like a color, Spring most certainly smells like green. 

In the Midwest, when temps reach 40 degrees, it’s time to reach for shorts and flip-flops. OK, maybe not really, but you’d never know it by the insanity that overtakes people who are ready to kiss snow goodbye, and welcome sunshine with open arms. 

And the world of haute couture is no different. Designers flooded the Spring 2020 runways with the typical energetic, happy colors of warmer weather – but with a kick of wild pattern, a cool dose of slouch, and more polka dots than are reasonable.

With torrents of complaints about the Siouxland retail scene overtaking local fashion discussion – it’s time to prove the haters wrong.

Lots of great Spring fashion choices exist here, you just have to know where to look. And lucky you, dear Siouxland Magazine Reader – I’ve done all the legwork for you. Here are a few hot local spots to check out for winning on-trend looks. 

If you’re looking for slouchy wide-leg pants, never fear. Several retailers offered the look, including the very current cargo slouchy pant, which designers paired with everything from dressy tops to bras-as-outerwear (more on those later). Check out American Eagle, Bohme, and Francesca’s, all at Southern Hills Mall, for the best selection of sizes, colors, and styles.

Spring leather was a hit on runways from New York to Paris, and while it’s usually thought of as a cold-weather staple, lighter weights and colors make it an ideal material to bridge the cooler early months of Spring. Stop at Versona, located at Lakeport Commons, for faux leather leggings (no animal cruelty!) that will update basic camisoles or T-shirts.

Polka dots were front and center at Fashion Weeks all over the world. This is a trend that’s highly-wearable, and easy to find. Stop in almost any store and you can find something covered in the whimsical pattern. Look for oversized polka dots – it’s the freshest spin on a tried and true classic. The most current looks can be found locally at Southern Hills Mall favorites Bohme and Francesca’s. Black and white is an easy entry-point to the trend, but check out the adorable red and white polka dot dress at Francesca’s. 

Designers seemed ready to forego dainty chains this season, as a gravitational pull toward collar necklaces took over Planet Accessories. Versona won the award for most oversized collar necklaces, with a variety of materials and styles to choose from. And Gordmans had a fabulous collar necklace adorned with feathers, another designer trend for Spring. Check out both locations at Lakeport Commons.

Bra-tops-as-outwear. Admittedly, not a trend for everyone. But don’t be afraid to pair yours with a tissue-weight T-shirt underneath. It gives the wearer more coverage, while still highlighting a fashion-forward style update. Not surprisingly, stores that cater to a younger audience had the widest selection. Check out American Eagle and Aeropostale, both at Southern Hills Mall, for cool options. Bonus points for choosing one in crochet – another hot look for Spring.

Tiered skirts are fun, but OK – maybe not always that practical. Unless you’re Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a tiered ball gown skirt to the office might seem a little…over-dramatic? But rejoice! There’s an easy way to get the same basic look with a little less overt glam. Bohme had a fantastic selection of dresses with just the right amount of ruffle – perfect for work, brunch, or ladies-who-lunch. 

Highlighter hues are a trend that can be incorporated into any wardrobe right now, and the best part? They always make the wearer look tan. Even when it’s still pasty-skinned March. Target was the clear winner for the neon looks of Spring. Choose from t-shirts, dresses, belts, even oversized sweaters to get you through those final chilly months. And Buckle, at Southern Hills Mall, had a great fluorescent tie-front sweater that would look fantastic with jeans (I’m still thinking about it. Which means I need to go back and buy it.)

Yes, “60s Wallpaper” is a thing. And there is one local boutique where you can find blouses and skirts, in all price points, to satisfy your psychedelic cravings. Threads, inside the Sioux City Conservatory of Music’s Gimme Shelter Anti-Mall on Pierce Street, is a veritable treasure trove of vintage and second-hand options that are authentic nods to one of the most iconic counterculture decades in history.  While you’re there, you can also marvel at a very on-point vintage loafer that would be incredible with a sheer sock. Throw down a little prayer that you’re the right size for it. And come back often, as the selection is constantly changing. 

And there you have it! A list of some of the most popular trends spotted on Spring runways, and where to find look-alikes right here in Siouxland. It’s tough out there for brick-and-mortar retailers everywhere. But nothing beats the immediate gratification of finding the perfect look and taking it home with you instantly. And supporting local stores, where real local people work, feels great! That’s a bonus you can’t get online. 

Know someone who deserves an all-out style makeover? Nominate a friend, a relative, even yourself, by sending a short description of the nominee to KingsFromAsh@gmail.com. Photos are also welcome. This year, Siouxland Magazine will choose one winner, and treat that person to a style excursion to boost body, mind, and spirit. Everyone and anyone is welcome to participate!

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