Ann Rehan Goebel Foundation Inaugural Winter Gala

The first Annual Winter Gala honoring the Ann Rehan Goebel Foundation will be held Saturday, February 24, from 6-10 p.m., at the Marriott Riverfront in South Sioux. The evening promises to be a night of elegance and entertainment, celebrating Ann’s legacy, a beloved Siouxland pediatrician who passed away from a brave battle with cancer in February 2023.

“Our vision for it is a night of celebrating where you have the best time. It’s going to be ritzy and fun, celebrating together is the most important thing. For those who knew her, or believe in our mission, it will be a night of live music with dueling pianos, a small band, and a playlist of 70s, 80s, and 90s music, good food, plenty of hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and a silent auction,” shared Ann’s daughter, Mary, the president of the foundation.

Ann passed away on February 20, 2023, a day after her 62nd birthday, at the end of a brave battle against cancer. Gone much before her time, her family and friends truly believed that her work wasn’t complete. They formed the foundation that will provide scholarships for students going into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. The first recipient will be announced that night at the Gala.

“We wanted to take the angle of education with this because of who she was as a physician. She poured her whole heart into her work and career. She was so uniquely incredible and impactful. The thought behind our mission is that we’re helping foster her legacy. We want to find candidates that will be as impactful as she was – not only skilled and ambitious physicians but people who have a big heart and will go the extra mile for their patients. The physician who will make sure a mother feels confident in herself in the toughest stage of her life; the doctor that will make sure that if a kid needs to be airlifted to UNMC, they will stay the extra hour after their shift to make sure that it happens,” stated Mary.

Tickets for the event may be purchased on the website, and applicants for the scholarship may also apply on the website, The deadline for scholarship applications is February 4.

 “We started the foundation because my mom was such a passionate pediatrician; it was such a big part of who she was. She wanted to be a pediatrician her whole life, since she was nine years old. She always told the story of when she was in 4th grade and she decided she wanted to be a doctor after reading The First Female Physician in the States. She was very passionate about science and medicine. We thought the foundation would be a great way to continue her legacy,” said Mary.

Mary is joined in leading the foundation by her father, John Goebel, who serves as treasurer, and her sister, Katie Schminke, who is vice president. Katy Rehan, Rachael Wragge, and Erin Kruger also serve on the board of directors.

“If you knew my mom as a pediatrician and thought that she was awesome, that’s exactly how she was as a mom, too! Just present, extremely warm, my memories of growing up as a young child . . . she was just so warm and comforting. I was so proud of her. I thought she was a low-key celebrity. If there was ever an opportunity for parents to come to school, I was so excited. If my mom walked through the door, I was like THAT’S MY MOM! She was an electric human being. She laughed all the time and had a sharp wit. But she also knew when it was time to be serious and compassionate. Anything she loved, she loved wholeheartedly. She loved Broadway and The Sound of Music. She’d always be singing at the top of her lungs,” shared Mary.

Food, community, music . . . all little components fitting together that were the things that she loved. That’s how this night is being construed, almost with the thought of what would Ann do? Would she like that? If the answer was yes, they’re doing it. If the answer was no, or they weren’t sure, it isn’t happening.

“That’s exactly right! It almost feels selfish in a way. I loved my mom, and I want to remember her and honor her memory. I feel like a lot of foundations for scholarships only have the tie to the person in name attached to it; it’s not the person who it’s in honor of reflected in it. We hope the Ann Rehan-Goebel Foundation scholarship provides a stepping stone to future generations of STEM students to pursue a life-changing career and live their lives ‘all the way up’,” replied Mary.

Ann’s husband, John, called Ann his bullfighter in reference to a quote by Hemingway: “Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bullfighters.”

But Hemingway didn’t know Ann. As her obituary said, “Most of us go through life hoping to be something to someone. Ann was everything to many of us. We invite you to honor her life by embracing her spirit: unabashedly showing love, sipping a glass of wine surrounded by a beautiful view, singing at the top of your lungs, and always–always–being your own fabulous self.”

For more information about the foundation, and more wonderful stories about Ann, visit the Ann Rehan Goebel Foundation Facebook Page, or follow on Instagram at #argfoundation. Join in keeping Ann’s legacy alive by supporting the Ann Rehan Goebel Foundation’s efforts to inspire those pursuing life-changing careers in STEM.

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