Are You Asking the Right Questions? Get Focused.

Ever wonder where our childhood curiosity wandered off to? Did we find all the answers we were seeking? Do we have nothing left to ask or did it abondon us as we started clinging tighter to our answers? 

You only have to observe children to know that our innate curiosity should be guiding our lives. That insatiable curiosity pulls them forward catapulting their growth. When prompted with a question, the answer only provokes another “why?”. It seems as though they will never be satisfied with the answer put forth. What is it they are seeking? In a trail of whys, comes another level of understanding. Each answer gives way to greater clarity. 

When did we cross the threshold? When did we become the keeper of the answers instead of the seeker of truth? Maybe the more important question is, how does clinging to our beliefs serve us?

Could we once again embrace that curiosity, and in the process not only grow as individuals, but also see our relationships become stronger? Could questions once again become a driving force in our lives?  

The key is remaining curious, allowing questions to guide us so that we can evolve to our highest potential. Questions open us up and expand our world. They improve our understanding of others, but maybe more importantly, living an examined life gives way to better knowing thy self. 

Are you asking the right questions? What exactly are the “right” questions?  

When we don’t have an attachment to the answer, the questions come easier. We allow the process to unfold and the questions to build off of one another. Remind you of anything? Maybe our childhood? Questions not only lead to answers, but often more questions. What’s the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson? “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Enjoy the process of asking questions. 

Maybe there isn’t any “right” questions, but a right mindset. Maybe it’s a matter of focusing on learning and understanding and that will unlock all that we need to know.

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