Beautification Pays!

According to ‘The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown,’ by Destination Development, “Besides word of mouth, shoppers typically have only curb appeal to help determine whether or not a shop is worth visiting. Curb appeal can account for 70% of new visitor sales at restaurants, retail shops, and hotels and lodging.”

Your business’s curb appeal matters, and Downtown Partners wants to help ensure it draws people in instead of pushing them away. There are many things you can do to help make a great first impression. For example, consider removing any dark tint from your front windows. Tinted windows do not allow customers to see into your store, instantly creating a sense of skepticism. If the sun is a problem, consider a canopy or sunshades. 

Downtown Partners Storefront Grant was created to help enhance existing downtown spaces. Funds can be used towards storefront improvements and start-up business needs. Grant funding is available for a 50% match, up to $2,500, of the owner or tenant’s investment. For example, if owner or tenant investment is $2,000, the project would qualify for a Storefront Grant award of $1,000 (50%); projects more than $5,000 could be eligible for a maximum Storefront Grant award of $2,500. 

The storefront grants can be used for various updates like signage, windows, murals, outdoor seating, security cameras, lighting, and more. 

For more information on our storefront grant or to apply, visit our website Or here is the direct link to the storefront grant: visiting our website, make sure you know when events are happening downtown so your business can capitalize on the foot traffic! Check out our latest summer events list that includes things like litter pick-up dates, outdoor concerts, food trucks, and more. 

Are you a downtown owner or resident, and want to be more involved or get a rundown of what has been happening at Downtown Partners? Join us for our annual Board of Directors meeting on June 15th, at 7 p.m., to learn more about things like the storefront grants, events, other projects, and how you can play a part in creating a vibrant and expanding downtown Sioux City. Email for your invitation.

Downtown Partners is a non-profit organization that works with downtown stakeholders to create a vibrant, expanding downtown. To learn more about Downtown Partners and stay up to date on downtown projects and events, visit

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