Buff by Labor Day

Here’s a news flash. I am not a finished product. If you listen to me on the radio daily, this will not come as a shock. I am more than open about my shortcomings and where I need to improve. I am also very fortunate to have so many guests on “Starting Conversations with Stacie and Tony” podcast who are absolutely crushing it and are inspirations. Rachelle Rawson, Jeff Carlson, and Dr. Nesrin Abu Ata are recent guests who would probably fill this space with insight galore.

I use this space as a confessional. Thanks for bearing with me. I am working it all out one article at a time.

I would like to have the physique of a buff dude like country music superstar and actor Tim McGraw. I have subscribed to Men’s Health Magazine for 20 years to accomplish this goal! I read every issue from start to finish while crushing a six-pack and a pound of potato oles from my favorite taco place. Actually, my lovely wife gifted me the Tim McGraw fitness book for my birthday. However, it did not come with a magic weight loss elixir or “something like that.” 

When I took a vacation to New York City, I noticed many of the locals were very fit. I assume because they are constantly walking ALL the time. I live a short 20-minute walk from the radio station. When the weather allows, I really should hike into work. However, the extra 18 minutes of sleep would make me a more tolerable co-worker. You would take a slightly chubby happy fellow over a ripped, grumpy guy by the water cooler at work, right?

I read in Esquire Magazine the many benefits of a daily sauna. That’s an idea I can champion. Sitting and sweating off the Lbs.? I’m sold. The stories from the sauna are great with intelligent people who tout increased activity and smarter food decisions, like recipes featuring kale and cabbage. After one recent conversation, I ran to the store and bought ten bucks worth of it. That was two weeks ago. It’s still in my fridge. Untouched. Can I add kale to my tacos? Would that help?

I can’t imagine sitting down to watch a big game and substituting chicken wings from a local eatery for carrots and hummus. Even Tim McGraw has cheat days where he probably eats toast and avocado.

I’ve been told the key to a more active lifestyle is to “lean in” to an activity I enjoy and pretend it’s not exercise. You know, like pretending kale does taste like lettuce or a stuffed crust pizza.

So, I am calling on all readers of this magazine who own a golf course. Please give me a free membership to the links, and I promise I will walk the course. No golf cart for this guy! In just one summer, I will look just like Tim McGraw.  My wife will be thrilled! I prefer to stroll to my next shot because I can quietly utter profanities under my breath as I walk to my Taylor Made golf ball 75 yards down the way, out of bounds in the tall weeds of the golf course. 

Which, by the way, those tall weeds do resemble something.


By Tony Michaels, Morning show co-host on KSUX 105.7, co-host Starting Conversation with Stacie & Tony Podcast, Golf Handicap 20, Fitness handicap – tacos, wings, sitting, and beer.

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