Celebrate the Wins

It is easy to take wins for granted sometimes. Yes, I am a Husker football fan. I am guilty. Back in 1995, I just assumed Nebraska would be dominant all the time. My Hawkeye buddies at work remind me on a nearly daily basis that’s not the case.

With the benefit of some reflection and a few decades of struggles, I have come to really savor the wins. This revelation led me to a grandiose tenet in life: We do not celebrate the wins nearly as much as we should.

I was fortunate enough to be named to the inaugural “Top 10 Under 40” by Siouxland Magazine back in 2012. Because of that I was able to meet other members of the 2012 class and realized we all had varied backgrounds and skillsets. Being the radio guy in the group, I joked that I was included to bring down the annual average salary of the group. If I were to meet you for a taco lunch date, I’d be more than happy to tell you I chose a career path motivated by love of being on-air in radio as opposed to big paychecks. I just wanted to be happy and live out my dream job. For the last 25 years, my job has felt more like a hobby and  would do it for free. (Make sure my boss never reads this.) I know plenty of great broadcasters under the age of 40, I just happened to make that first list in 2012 because of the contributions of many at Powell Broadcasting. 

Since that first class of 2012 was announced, I have been fortunate enough to serve as an adjunct professor at Morningside College in the Mass Communication Department. Every semester I am blown away by the talent and compassion of those students. Many of the undergrads in my courses come from all over the world to Sioux City. Luckily for our community, some stay in our area after receiving their diploma. Siouxland is a better place because of Morningside College, Briar Cliff University and Western Iowa Tech. No doubt. We benefit from these great hubs for professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit. Day by day, the workforce and non-profit agencies get better and better because talented individuals like the ones featured in this issue stay in Siouxland.

This leads me to my wish. If I had a magic wand, I would love to have more alums of these lists find their happy in Siouxland. About half of my class left the area. Showing a spotlight on these individuals with Siouxland Magazine is a tremendous way to CELEBRATE younger professionals and the wins they produce. These individuals really strengthen the area. If your workplace has a star under the age of 40, please submit them for next year’s issue….or at least give them a Gatorade bath in the breakroom and carry them into the parking lot like those Husker football players did for Dr. Tom Osborne in 1995.

Wins aren’t always guaranteed. Pop the champagne and spill the Gatorade!

By Tony Michaels. He is a 2012 member of the Top 10 Under 40 and would love to chat with you weekdays at 712.274.1057. You don’t have to talk Husker football.

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