Creating a Community of Young Professionals Dedicated to Making a Difference

For 18 years now, Sioux City Growth Organization has been carrying out our mission of attracting, developing, and retaining young professionals in Siouxland by providing insight and opportunities to help shape the future of our community.

Our organization carries out this mission by upholding our three pillars of Networking, Volunteering, and Getting Involved. We host and participate in a wide variety of events each year, from nonprofit fundraisers and Chamber of Commerce connects, to holding our own workshops for local college students and happy hour networking each month. We want our current and future members to learn more about all the Siouxland community has to offer, and why they should consider a future here, too.

We actively take part in continually improving Siouxland through a wide array of initiatives. Our annual Innovation Market has been providing resources for local entrepreneurs for 10 years now. GO University allows us to meet with college students around the area and share our experiences, offer advice, and advocate for the community. Projects like Sculpt Siouxland and our upcoming Downtown mural allow us to invest in things that matter to us, like the continued beautification of our cities. 

SCGO not only helps young professionals to find a like-minded community to network, volunteer, make friends, and grow their careers, but it helps the community by giving us a platform to work from on projects that matter, while retaining our members in the area. We’ve created a community of young professionals dedicated to making a difference.

“Sioux City Growth Organization has impacted my life in so many ways. I remember one of the first times I learned about the organization was when I heard about their entrepreneurial event, the Innovation Market. I love thinking about businesses I would love to start or see in our community, and after attending, I knew that this was a group that was focused on community improvement. Since that first meeting, I have met some of my best friends in this organization, benefited from the professional networking, and witnessed its ability to retain young professionals in our community.” 

-Alex Watters, Sioux City Council Member

“Even though I grew up in Sioux City, SCGO has shown me so many new aspects of the area and introduced me to a ton of new people. It’s truly awesome that we have a group like this here to give young professionals a chance to really make a difference. By combining our connections, ideas, and resources, we are able to accomplish things none of us would be able to on our own. I’m excited for all that is to come with the difference we will make in Siouxland!”

-Emily Vondrak, The Gospel Mission, SCGO Board Member

“When first joining SCGO I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my life. To be honest, I first viewed it as a great opportunity to meet new people, network, and build a resume. I didn’t realize that during the last 3 years I would have been introduced to some of my closest friends and have the opportunities to learn different tools that allow me to not only grow as a young professional, but overall as a young woman. A job or career might lead you to a certain city, but it’s the friends and connections you make along the way that keep you there. Sioux City, and the Sioux City Growth Organization, is no different. My connections through SCGO and the friends I have made are the reasons why I love Sioux City and why I what to continue to educate everyone about everything that Sioux City has to offer.”

-Kalynn Sortino, MidAmerican, SCGO President 

“SCGO’s Innovation Market is great for Siouxland because it helps businesses out with some startup capital and helps promote the growth of new businesses in the area.”

-Erik Martin, Owner, Marto Brewing

Interested in becoming a SCGO member? Anyone is welcome- regardless of industry or age! Learn more about how you can join our community and make a difference in Siouxland by visiting our website at or by liking our page on Facebook.

By Emily Vondrak, Sioux City Growth Organization Marketing Board Chair

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