Creating Community

Siouxland Growth Organization aims to continue progress in our community through collaboration and fostering engagement of those who live here. It is amazing to me how many people claim that there is “nothing going on in Siouxland.” Oh my goodness – there is so much to do and experience in our community!

Those of us involved in SGO firmly believe that those who feel a part of our community are more likely to want to stay here and promote progress. If you have a friend, coworker, employee, or family member that wants to find their place in this wonderful place we call home, feel free to send them our way! We make sure to introduce a new nonprofit each month so our members can engage with their passion projects outside of their career. Every month, we strive to create opportunities for personal and professional networking to help grow our members’ social spheres in town. Siouxland GO tries to bring people together to make our community a better home for all.

If you or someone you know wants to get involved in the community but are not sure where to begin, feel free to stop by any of our general meetings! We will be holding our November general meeting Wednesday, November 15 from noon to 1 p.m., at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce. For more information on our upcoming events, please check us out on Facebook!

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Siouxland GO, there are many opportunities to affect change in our community. Check out our website at to learn more about Siouxland Growth Organization and the committees you can get involved in. Please reach out to any of the board members if you want to start a dialogue about the benefits of membership for yourself or your employees.

This winter, we are thrilled to announce that you have the opportunity to celebrate the end of 2023 in style! You can “Fall In Love With Siouxland” at our Wedding-Themed Murder Mystery Reception on Friday, December 29, hosted in partnership with LAMB Arts Regional Theatre. Join us for a night of drama, great food, conversation, and dancing! Make sure to check out our Facebook page to purchase your tickets for an amazing evening.

Siouxland Growth Organization was formed in 2002 to encourage young professionals to become active members of the Siouxland community. Our goal is to attract and retain young professionals in the area by providing insight into what Siouxland has to offer and how they can get involved in shaping its future.

By Sydney McManamy, 2023 Siouxland Growth Organization President

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