Diving into Diversity

This year we are Diving into Diversity. We are having conversations to help us better understand one another. It’s not enough to just tip our toes in the water, so to speak. That is how we come to all sorts of assumptions. We are encouraging curiosity and prompting better questions. We want discussion and involvement to better understand our neighbors and see them for all the uniqueness they bring forward. Together we will explore all the ways diversity is expressed.

Siouxland Magazine will hold ongoing discussions open to the public throughout the year. To stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook.

Diversity Poster Project – Share Your Voice

Visit Siouxland Magazine on Historic 4th and share your answers to the following two questions.

  • How have you been judged or what have you experienced based on your minority status?
  • What strengths or gifts do you have to share with the community?

We will provide the poster board. Just come with your answers, write them on the board, and then we will snap a pic to share with the community.

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