Editor’s Note

Siouxland Magazine has been circulating throughout our community for decades. With each owner, it has had a slightly different focus, and with every passing year, it continues to evolve. When I purchased the magazine over five years ago, my intention was to start meaningful community conversations. 

In striving to reach people where they are, we went beyond the print magazine to include a digital version. Then, we added blogs, video content, a podcast, and even live events. 

Through it all, it has been the people who have made it significant. Each and every person who has contributed with their column or who shared their story in an interview has made this publication a place of connection and community.

It is my desire to expand this business to so much more. I have a profound sense of urgency to help people see their value and know their worth. I want to support their efforts to expand their gifts and contributions. After nearly a decade since becoming a certified John Maxwell leader, I will finally be folding in leadership and communication training into what we offer. 

In a moment of clarity and inspiration, I made the decision to rebrand the magazine. After all, it is much more than just a magazine. This business is an extension of my purpose and a vehicle to reach the community through many platforms. It is a way for me to encourage and empower you. 

I’m excited to introduce Expand. For those who want more – To be more, do more, and give more.

My life is fueled by my being – who I am at my core – and my being is what fuels my doing – how I contribute to this magnificent world.

It is my intention for this to be a place that fuels your growth and expansion so that you can live out the fullest expression of yourself.❤️Stacie

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