Editor’s Note

Question for you…

Are You Willing to Expand with Me?

In the last issue, introducing the rebranding of Siouxland Magazine as Expand, I shared my intention to be a source of inspiration and provide a space that fuels your growth and expansion. Ultimately, I want you to engage with all that is Expand – a brand that shares content in multiple platforms, but also gives you the opportunity to attend trainings and live events.

Last month, we had an event at Rooted Boutique to get the new magazine in your hands, let you meet our cover person, Emily Vollmar, and watch a live podcast interview with Emily. It was a chance to build on the original interview published in January and let the attendees ask their questions. It was also a great opportunity to network. We are creating a community of expanders – those who want to be more, do more and give more. 😉

We will be holding another event on Monday, March 25th to introduce you to Julie, this month’s cover person. I hope you decide to attend and come with your questions for the podcast interview. We will create a Facebook event with all the details. Be sure to follow us and stay in the loop.

Over the next several weeks, you will also see us expanding our offerings on leadership, communication, and sales training. The details will be on our website. If there is something you need for your expansion, ask. We love ideas and feedback. Together we can expand further.



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