Editors Note

If you could describe Siouxlanders in one word, what would it be?

Over the last few months, I’ve talked with many people about how they see Siouxland, what they think our identity is as a community, and just exactly who are all the people that make up Siouxland. 

Conversations touched on our blue-collar roots and strong work ethic. But they also explored our innovative side, our community’s creative and artsy facets, and the boundary-breaking tech whizzes. We have diversity in talent and skills, and we have the ingenuity to reinvent ourselves when times get tough. History has shown that Siouxlanders are resilient.

Here we sit in the middle of the country with railroad, highway, and river access. We have a wealth of resources and opportunities. But the best part of our community is the people, who we are and how we show up for one another. We are resilient in our coming together, in our willingness to collaborate, in our offering of a hand. And we are stronger in the embracing of our unique diversity.

This year, Siouxland Magazine will be focusing on the people of Siouxland. We will be celebrating diversity in all of its forms. We will continue to lead with curiosity and dive into meaningful conversations that bridge understanding. 

We want to see Siouxland through your eyes, from your unique perspective. Let’s dive into diversity.

Check out the project we are doing on page 18.

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