Editor’s Note

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Art Center’s fundraiser, Through the Looking-Glass. It was a wonderful event and an opportunity to step outside my everyday world. They created a magical space that night. What stood out to me was the significance of creativity and exploration. 

In the everyday mundane routine, we lose sight of the possibilities in life. We get stuck doing things the same way and often have the same conversations, but with different people. Imagine how our world could open up if only we’d allow diversity into it. Who could we become if we appreciated more?

I have two guest writers, Dr. Julie Lohr and Todd Behrens, this month. They encourage us to think about the people we surround ourselves with and the experiences we expose ourselves to. Diversity comes in many forms. And it is diversity that expands who we are and how full our lives can be. I invite you to open yourself to the vastness.


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