Editor’s Note

In this issue, I am excited to introduce you to some amazing individuals from our community. We have highlighted diversity in its many forms since the beginning of the year. We started with what most would consider the prominent discussion topics around diversity. 

In the following pages, we showcase people who have chosen to take a less traveled path, from someone who lives a vegan lifestyle to a couple who works towards a self-sustainable lifestyle with less impact on the planet. We also have a man who would rather pedal than drive a car. And a woman who, although bound to a wheelchair, chooses to focus on the positive and decidedly looks at the world from a different perspective. She doesn’t limit herself, and as we were putting together this issue, she was scuba diving off the coast of Honduras.

The world is full of diversity, a patchwork of beauty. In opening ourselves up to learn about one another, we grow ourselves. Will you join me in getting curious and exploring their worlds?


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