Editors Note

As we wrap up the final issue of this year focused on diversity, we get a little peek into the lives of some remarkable women in Siouxland. We celebrate women who have excelled in careers that were typically held by men. We introduce you to the first female electrician in Sioux City! Then give some insights from a couple of ladies making an impact in the media. Plus, we have a story on the first full time woman officer in the 185th, and lastly turn our attention to a lady who is a positive force in the Native American community. 

It has been a remarkable year exploring the diversity that makes up our community. It is the depth and breadth of our community’s tapestry that makes us so vibrant and strong. The thing that stood out to me the most this year is how many leaders we have wearing all different kinds of hats. It has been said to me that Siouxland isn’t a leader’s community, but I disagree. We have leaders here that know how to roll up their sleeves and get dirty all the way to leaders who inspire others through their words. And around here, I think a lot of our leaders do both.

This was the second year that I brought John Maxwell’s Live2Lead leadership conference to Sioux City as a Certified Maxwell Leader. I was humbled by the amazing turnout and can hardly wait for next year’s event to continue to support the leadership fabric of this community. But why wait? 

Rolling into 2024, the magazine will be evolving to bring even more resources to those who value personal growth and business development. It is my commitment to you to build a company that supports your health and wellness, and personal development, as well as provides business development tools and resources, plus networking opportunities. We are more than a magazine and with that said, we will be changing our name. Stay tuned.


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