Editor’s Note – A New Partnership

I love all the ways we are able to express ourselves – life never ceases to amaze me. All around us, there is a dynamic expression, and even in the interaction between, an evolution into its form of being. Life is demanding play and growth and fuller expression. It’s fun to watch it all unfold.

This publication encourages conversation, which in and of itself has vast possibilities of expression. Then sometimes words just aren’t enough and outpours music with all its emotion, visual art with its multitude of forms, and movement. Yes, movement. From talking with our whole body to dancing. We just keep moving.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried hard to express my commitment to this community through this publication; setting the stage for all of you to share your stories and for connections to take place. It’s exciting to know it’s being received. With so much gratitude, I am pleased to announce a new partnership with the City and to bring to all of you Sioux City Progress. Together we will keep progressing. ❤

Stacie Anderson

Owner of Siouxland Magazine

For more than 15 years, the City of Sioux City’s Progress newsletter has shared positive stories, project updates, and event information with residents and visitors. The publication has evolved—both in design and distribution—but its goals have remained the same:

–          Showcase the success in our City to residents and visitors

–          Attract and recruit new businesses and employees to the Siouxland area

As we considered new ways of reaching our diverse audience, inserting the Progress newsletter into Siouxland Magazine was a natural fit. Siouxland Magazine strives to educate and inspire its readers, and it seeks to create a community that thrives on connecting with one another. We share these aspirations, and we are proud of this new partnership.  

 The City Progress newsletter, designed as a pull-out piece, can be a handy reference throughout the summer and beyond. We hope this issue will inform you of what’s happening in the city and invite you to become part of it!

Anne Westra

Communications & Public Engagement Specialist, City of Sioux City

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