Entrepreneurship Knows No Age

Big ideas can come at anytime, at any age. One school project opened the door to an unexpected opportunity.  

Flour Power is a team of two seniors at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School who have been best friends since first grade. During their sophomore year, Ellie and Mollie had a journalism assignment to make a process photo essay. Since it was Christmas time, Ellie and Mollie thought it would be fun to bake and decorate cookies. While doing so, they each realized how much they enjoyed it and continued making cookies for friends and family throughout the year. It wasn’t until a year later, also around Christmas time, that they started selling them and opened their small business, Flour Power. 

As they received more and more orders, they decided to create a Facebook page, “Flour Power”, to make it more convenient for people to contact them and share their fresh baked creations. Since then, they have received more orders than they ever imagined. This can sometimes make it difficult to find time for homework, but they always make sure to keep school as the number one priority and never take more orders than they can handle. 

There is no doubt they have gained valuable time management skills because of this experience. Next year, although they will be attending college, they will still continue selling cookies on breaks and holidays. To keep up with the young entrepreneurs and continue to support them, you can contact them for ordering or follow along on Facebook.  

Ellie and Mollie are both seniors at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School and operate Flour Power together.

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