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Downtown Partners is dedicated to creating a vibrant, expanding, and busy Downtown Sioux City. In order to fill vacant spaces and enhance existing ones, we’ve focused our efforts on business recruitment and retention. With the help of our partners and passionate work group members, we have developed two grant opportunities for downtown properties and businesses—the Downtown Business Recruitment Rent Relief Program and the Storefront Grant.

The Rent Relief Program is in full swing, awarding $10k in funds to new businesses within the first three months of its launch in July of 2022. The program allows a new business to receive 50% off rent for the first six months of operating in Downtown Sioux City. This is an agreement between the property owner and Downtown Partners to each cover 25% of the rent for up to half a year, capped at $3,600. The goal of this program is to attract new and exciting businesses. Whether it’s an ice cream parlor, a new pub, or a retail store—we want you downtown. 

To receive Rent Relief, a new business must have a 3-year lease agreement (minimum) and approval from the property owner. If you’re opening a business downtown and are unsure how to approach your property owner about this opportunity, please contact us at info@downtownsiouxcity.com. We would love to meet and explain the importance of this program to anyone interested. The annual Downtown Partners budget determines the total funding available; therefore the number of awarded applications depends on funding available, so apply today! Our dedication to help new businesses doesn’t stop there. After receiving Rent Relief funds, a business may also be eligible for the Storefront Grant.

Downtown Partners has awarded 22 businesses a total of $182,609.50 for façade improvements through the Storefront Grant. This program offers funds up to 50% of owner or tenant investment, capped at $2,500 per storefront. What exactly is a ‘storefront’ and what improvements qualify for the storefront grant? We define a storefront as: ‘the facade of a store; a room(s) of a commercial building, typically used as a store. Several storefronts could make up one building parcel.’ As for qualifying improvements, we have helped pay for signage, new front doors, murals, historic refurbishment, and more. If you have questions on your upcoming project, reach out to us. We’d be happy to answer any specific questions regarding your storefront. We want your business or property to leave the best first impression, apply for the Storefront grant today! 

Our grant funding is available for businesses and properties within the downtown district. We are excited to support projects directly making impacts on local businesses and hope to create more funding opportunities for downtown entities in the near future. All applications and further business assistance can be found on our website. To see the downtown district map, and for a more in-depth look at rules, benefits, and the selection process of each Downtown Partners grant opportunity,  visit downtownsiouxcity.com.

Contributed by Downtown Partners, a non-profit organization that works with downtown stakeholders to create a vibrant, expanding downtown. To learn more about Downtown Partners and stay up to date on downtown projects and events, visit downtownsiouxcity.com.

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