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It’s that time again! Summer is back, and my annual list of summer drugstore beauty favorites has returned.

It’s always fun to change up your look with whimsical, inexpensive makeup products, and summer is the best season to try a trend that’s outside of your typical comfort zone. 

Summer favorites always include loads and loads of color – and this year is no exception. But – you know what is new? This summer, other people will actually see your new look! 

After a long year of quarantine, video calls, and social distancing, the summer of 2021 is filled with a renewed optimism, and it shows up in glowy skin, bright eyes and lips, and beautiful lashy wisps. 

So, here it is, my list of top summer drugstore products to try! 

  • Show your fresh face. Less is more in the summer, and your makeup routine should follow. Heavy foundations in the hot months look, well, heavy. So lighten up your base layer with one of the many tinted moisturizer options available this year. A favorite of mine is L’Oreal’s Skin Paradise Water Infused Tinted Moisturizer. Its lightweight, clean feel won’t leave you with a gunky layer of makeup on cell phones, masks, and breezy white tops. And with SPF built right in, it eliminates yet another step in your skincare regimen. (Ulta – $16.99)
  • Focus on colorful eye makeup with bright shadows like the ones in this Revolution Reloaded palette. Experiment! Play! And try some new techniques from your Pinterest board, like the trendy tie-dyed look, crafted with rainbow shades layered one above the other! Or – insider tip – green eyeshadow looks are huge this year! (Target – $8.00)
  • And speaking of eyes – ditch the black eyeliner for the season. It’s officially out! There are so many fun colors to try, blues and aquas topping the list. But pinks, whites, and purples can look stunning on so many eye colors. Get the waterproof variety, like NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks, so that when you’re poolside, you don’t have to worry about colorful ribbons running down your cheeks. (Walgreens – $8.00)
  • It looks like summer 2021 might mark the return of lipstick! Show those lips off for the first time in months with a bright shade that looks perfect with sun-kissed skin. My personal favorite? The pH Lip Balm from Winky Lux. It’s a smooth, luxurious lip balm that mixes with your pH to create the ultimate customized stain. You know it will look perfect on you! (Target – $16.00)
  • Brows are still full and lush and natural, and drugstore shelves are full of gels, pencils, stains, and serums to make this your best brow summer yet. A brand new option to try? The Arches & Halos line of brow products sold at your local Target store. Shades of tints and pencils, growth serums, and shaping tools mean you won’t have to go far (or spend a fortune) to get Insta-worthy eyes. (Target – starting at $9.99)
  • Know what looks killer with a no-makeup vibe? Natural-looking, full lashes! But don’t go all-out this season – instead, focus on lightweight, feathery falsies that amplify your dark beauties. Ardell sells a line of Wispies that aren’t as heavy as other eyelash options. Try them for a fun night out! (Walmart – $9.84)
  • Don’t forget your fingertips! Who doesn’t love a good summer mani / pedi? Purple shades are hot this year (think: new iPhone), and my favorite lilac choice is SinfulColors Essenchills in Low Key Lavender. It’s shimmery and iridescent and looks great on so many skin tones! Also – it’s scented with lavender. Also – it’s under $2.00. (Target – $1.99)

There it is! My list of the best beauty products to try this summer. And when they’re this inexpensive and this easy to find, you can experiment all you want! Let’s have some fun this season. Wow – do we all deserve it or what?! 

By Erika Hansen

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