Failing Mindfully

Practical steps next time you meet failure.

Sit with this, journal what comes to you, and use these tools to allow your next “fail” be the platform for growth.

  1. Find your Truth. Know who you are, at your core. What are your values? When you come into the cycle of negative beliefs — grasp onto who you are, return to your breath and flip the script. It helps to share it with someone who can give you a new perspective or even offer encouragement. 
  2. Find your Rhythm. Before the failures come, have an established rhythm of grounding, connecting. Every morning/night journal, meditate, drink warm tea, pray and read. This is proven to help. Instead of reacting to the failures you can respond with reflection and gratitude for the lesson. It is your right at any moment in time to pause and steady your pace to get in tune with your Highest Self. 
  3. Find your Exit. In every situation there’s an open door, if we focus our eyes and tune our ears to hear wisdom, we will find the steps needed to keep moving, even when the movement might look more like a stumble, a crawl or if you are graceful, a dance — it’s a forward motion. 

For this, I’ll give you an example: You are sitting on your couch and think “I’d love a snack.” You walk to your kitchen and grab your first go-to (something you are trying to avoid) and you sit down on your couch to eat it and all of a sudden it’s almost all gone. Before all the thoughts come (OMG! I just ate a whole bag of chips or cookies — shame cycle) you simply place the item back and think, dang that was good but next time I will place a handful in a bowl. Boom — you’ve given yourself permission to be human, as well as find your rhythm and truth for the next time you’re in that position!

  1. Find your Reclaim. Like what you experienced above as you came to the knowledge of response, reclaiming your power of individuality you get to choose how you finish the story. If you are stuck in the cycle, reclaiming your power may include your best friend, your partner, a walk with nature, or a bath. Reclaim the peace and process through it by walking these steps out and learn the lesson at hand. 

Failure is an opportunity for mindfulness, because failure is inevitable, we can soften to what it is teaching instead of looking at what we are not. And every time you find yourself back in the cycle you will become aware once again of who you are and a new perspective. The truth is, we are all brilliant minds who bring different perspectives — so maybe your reclaim is finding someone with new eyes, and maybe this time you fail, mindfully.

Tomato Basil Spirally 


2 Spiralized Zucchini

1 packed cup of chopped Spinach


2 Roma Tomatoes

Handful of basil

Half of avocado

1-2 garlic cloves

Nutritional Yeast

Salt & Pepper


  1. Spiralize your zucchini and chop your spinach. Place in a bowl.
  2. In a blender or food processor, add all ingredients for dressing and blend till creamy. 
  3. In individual bowls, add your zucchini and spinach. Top with dressing and enjoy! 

By: Hali Benson is a Certified Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner working with Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center helping clients heal through nutrition, yoga and spirituality. You can find her under the name Blossom Services at

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