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Siouxland Growth Organization is celebrating its 20th year as a non-profit organization, and we love celebrating- especially with events! From our monthly GO PRO(fessional) and GO SOCIAL events for our members to make connections and grow their professional skills to our larger-scale events like the Golf Classic or Innovation Market, we love to bring people together to celebrate young professionals getting involved and investing into the future of our community.

Suppose you’ve been a part of Siouxland GO (formerly Sioux City GO) or been a community member for the last 15-20 years, you’ll likely remember another, popular event, the Murder Mystery Dinner. After a hiatus from the event, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate the milestone of 20 years than by bringing it back! On Friday, December 30th from 5:30-11:00 p.m., Siouxland GO is hosting a 1920’s themed Murder Mystery Dinner with live music to follow at the South Sioux City Marriott Riverfront. We’re excited to partner locally with LAMB Theatre for the event. Tickets will be $75/person, $100/two tickets or $400 for a table of eight. Sponsorships are also available. For more information on sponsorship, the event, or to order tickets visit our website: siouxcitygo.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We hope that this event may pay homage to those that helped start this organization, while allowing room for us to grow as we usher in a new generation of Siouxland GO members.

Never been to a Murder Mystery? It is all about solving a murder, the storyline created by professional actors hired for the evening. As a guest, from the moment you arrive you become a detective. The goal by the end of the night is to solve the case and figure out who is the murderer. There are a few different formats for Murder Mysteries. For our event we’ve chosen a more work-at-your-own-pace format, making it inclusive to all guests- from the seasoned Murder Mystery veteran, the newcomer, or the one attending for the social atmosphere. You get to be as involved as you want, although we recommend digging into your detective spirit to have the best experience!

That experience includes “suspects” (paid actors from Lamb Theatre) stationed around the Marriott ballroom, with a leading detective filling everyone in on the details pertaining to the “murder” that just occurred. Guests will receive a map of the crime scene, and a suspect list with room for notes. Guests are then responsible for approaching each murder suspect to hear their testimony, using their deductive reasoning to piece together the clues, and find the murderer. Guests will submit their guess of the murderer into the suspect’s ballot box. The leading detective will announce the murderer and their motives to the guests at the end of dinner, enlightening everyone to who was able to successfully crack the case. Do you think you have what it takes to catch the killer? Join us for our 1920’s Murder Mystery Dinner in celebration of our 20th Anniversary in the Siouxland Area!

Want to be involved in planning the return of the Murder Mystery Dinner? Our events committee is looking for members to help! If you are a young professional interested in joining our organization, check out our website: siouxcitygo.com/join-us. Memberships are only $75 for a year. For more information about Siouxland GO, other upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and more, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Siouxland Growth Organization welcomes progressive and innovative ideas. As a group, we work to put these ideas into action and build the momentum to take Sioux City into the future.
By Brock Bourek

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