Give a Good Look to Siouxland

Siouxland has a great deal to be proud of, and the last few months have indeed served as a platform for our community to highlight some excellent news. That said, we also have some work to do on our regional image, and it has never been more critical than right now as we are welcoming first-time visitors from all over the United States.

On the good news side, Site Selection magazine of suburban Atlanta recently recognized our Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) as first in the nation for economic development in our population category. Additionally, the Milken Institute just published their analysis entitled, “Best-Performing Cities 2021; Foundations for Growth and Recovery,” and the Siouxland MSA jumped a remarkable 43 spots from 122 in 2020 to 79 in 2021 among Tier 3 sized cities.

Furthermore, in the last year or so, we have added the Siouxland Expo Center, United Sports Academy, and the Arena to our list of impressive local sports facilities. These entities are bringing unprecedented numbers of visitors from out of town for youth athletic competitions. Coupled with the significant number of athletes, coaches, and families traveling to the NAIA national championships in women’s volleyball and basketball at the Tyson Events Center, it quickly becomes apparent that there are countless opportunities for our community to make a strong first impression.

Of course, if we do not step up and make every effort to showcase what makes Siouxland a truly exceptional community, a less favorable impression could be planted with our guests. For this reason, on April 6th, representatives of both the public and private sectors came together to discuss the importance of a long-term plan to address litter control and clean-up in Siouxland. The response to attend this initial meeting was so overwhelming; it had to be relocated from the offices of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce to an alternative location.

This group actively engaged the entire tri-state area in focusing on a region-wide plan to develop a strategy to effectively remove litter in problematic areas, especially those traversed most frequently by our new visitors and their families. It was an excellent example of what we can do when working together to achieve a common goal.

Many recognize that a “spring cleaning” is always in order after winter. There are some very effective programs, volunteers, and efforts already underway in our metro area. Still, as we welcome new visitors, we need to develop and maintain an effective litter mitigation plan to show the rest of the world our true colors.

By Chris McGowan, President, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

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