How do we leave a legacy?

How do we leave our mark on the world? Even if we are not conscious of it, we all want to live a life of significance. We want to know that our life mattered and that we contributed in our own unique way. 

We want to contribute. We want to be valued. We want to be remembered.

Our character, integrity, and contribution all fold into the legacy we create in the hearts and minds of those we leave behind. Living a life of significance goes hand in hand with living a life of service. It’s about recognizing we are part of a bigger picture, that we are interconnected. 

It’s also an ongoing process and a commitment to the long game. It’s planting a tree whose shade you’ll never enjoy. But how satisfying it is to plant that seedling. 

This issue celebrates a few nonprofits and a business that all hit their centennial this year.

Day by day, committed to service, they have stood the test of time. It’s notable to point out that as you read their stories, how they have not only served but also how they’ve collaborated – another testament to our strength and capabilities when we work together.

In the end, legacy is grandiose, but the path is often unremarkable or even unrecognized. There isn’t anything overly sexy about it. It isn’t necessarily about big moments. It is the commitment to showing up every day and giving your best. Just one day at a time. 

Commitment and Consistency. Over and over and over again. 

What are you committed to doing? What drives you to show up, day after day, and give your best? How do you want to be remembered?

I implore you to live a life of legacy, to live with integrity and commitment to service. 

It is a life lived with intention that will be remembered.  

By Stacie Anderson

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