How Well Do You Know Your Business? CLAIM IT!

Downtown Partners is here for all of our downtown businesses, and one simple way we provide assistance is through our marketing efforts. If you are not utilizing the downtown website and social media, we can help you start.

The downtown website features all of our 438 businesses. Each of these listings has the unique option for business owners to “CLAIM” their business on the website. Claiming a business listing on our website is quick and simple. By claiming your business, you have access to keep your business information up to date. Then people will have accurate information when searching all there is to do in downtown on our website. To claim your business, simply follow these steps…

  • Go to our website:
  • Search your business name
  • Scroll to the “Is this your listing?” and click “claim listing”
  • Create an account on our website 
  • Enter your business information and hit “submit

Once you do this, Downtown Partners verifies and confirms the claim to avoid any fraud or scams. Once approved, you have access to update your page, post events, change hours, post specials, add images, and more! 

For an easy “how to” video on claiming your business listing, visit our website and social media. 

Another simple way to increase traffic to your business is through social media. If you’re active on social media (which we highly recommend), make sure you are following and tagging Downtown Partners when you post about events, specials, closings, etc. That way Downtown Partners can help you get the word out more efficiently. You can find Downtown Partners on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

As the new year emerges, Downtown Partners is excited to create new events and reinvent  old ones, inspire innovative ideas, and continue to develop an expanding and vibrant downtown Sioux City. We can only do this by working together and communicating with you and your business. 

Let us help you! Follow us on social media and claim your business listing on our website. If you have ideas, comments, questions, or concerns on downtown, please share them with us at or give us a call at (712)-252-0014. 

Downtown Partners is a non-profit organization that works with downtown stakeholders to create a vibrant, expanding downtown. To learn more about Downtown Partners and to stay up to date on downtown projects and events, visit

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