Human Beings, Being Human (BE x DO = HAVE)

What a beautiful place to “Be”!

Isn’t that an interesting Mindset to BE nurtured? It may be a personal challenge these days. Yes, Human BE-ings. Yet in our busyness, we often act as if we are only exhausted Human DO-ings. Start with Self. 

Might I suggest a simple guiding formula: BE x DO = HAVE.

All elements are important, yet what if we would take this time to pause, focus, reflect, and simply choose to BE?

Choose to BE; to see ourselves and others from within; to protect time to gain clarity on what it means to truly BE….to see the BEAUTY thereof. 

Be Present. Be Intentional. Be Grounded. Be Anchored. Be Confident. Be Real. Be Empathetic. Be Sensitive. Be Flexible. Be Clear. Be Positive. Be Faithful. Be Devoted. Be Aligned. Be Authentic. Be Innocent. Be Transparent. Be Engaged. Be Courageous. Be Resilient. Be Relentless. Be Loyal. Be Purpose-Driven. Be informed. Be Reflective. Be Simplistic. Be Connected. Be Visible. Be Vocal. Be Healthy. Be Rested. Be Spirited. Be Renewed. Be Refreshed. Be Committed. Be Accessible. Be a Vessel. Be Pure in Heart. Be a Friend. Be a Dreamer. Be Encouraged. Be Supportive. Be Together. Be Love. Be Loved. Be Still. Be Me. 

What if we would choose to BE where there is no fear; No Fear of Failure or of Success; No Self Sabotage. To find from within that place to align our head and heart to (BE) so our Hands and Feet know what to (DO) that we may achieve our desired results (HAVE). 

Encourage the heart. Dream. Find the courage. Follow your dreams and your passion. Gain wisdom from the discovery of who you are and from discovery of the world around you. Discover what is important to you. Care for self in body, mind, and spirit…and know that it is not Selfish-Care. 

Human Beings, Being Human: Redefined by YOU to abundantly BE, and DO and HAVE.  What a beautiful place to “BE”!

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Linda Krei, ActionCOACH Excel Edge


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