In Search of a Hobby

My youngest son and I have great conversations about a myriad of topics. Some of the recent ones that come to mind include long-term planning, stories from my past, the Husker offensive line, and many others that should not be printed in Siouxland Magazine. I was thinking of including some off-the-wall topics to see if Amy, the Editor, and Stacie, the Owner, would catch it. They are both on their A game at all times, so I’ll transition to the focus of the articles today instead.

Most of our household enjoys Marvel movies, flicks based in sci-fi, and any franchise Hollywood cranks out. I would rather get a root canal. That would be less painful for me. Sorry. Send hate mail to me at my radio station. My name on-air is Cowboy Bob.

After turning down yet another invitation to binge The Incredible Hulk Takes on Spiderman at the O-K Corral, my wise-crackin’ 17-year-old says in a helpful tone, “Dad, I really think you need a hobby.” I replied I love a really good rom-com, or John Hughes flick featuring Molly Ringwald, and he correctly pointed out that those types of movies are like the hair on my scalp. Although once great, they are gone forever. Well played, son.

Now defensive, I mention I am an avid golfer and defeated two golfers at the last city championship at Green Valley. Not to mention, my memoir has sold well more than a quarter of a thousand copies! He said, “maybe you should do a hobby you might be good at doing?” Ouch, again.

So, I am looking for suggestions. Phone lines are open. After watching Queen’s Gambit, chess may be an option. I have only played for a few weeks, and I am not quite proficient. I did excel in the two hours I spent on the high school track team. Maybe I could be motivated like those 5 a.m. joggers I see while driving to work? They have to be running from a fire, right? 

Last month I went on a duck hunting trip. I ended up taking more sunrise pics than I took down adorable ducks. Many country stars talk about fishing; however, I can’t swim, so I would basically be cheating death if I chose that path. Luke Bryan would add, “Lovin’ Every Day,” to this paragraph. I’m not sure I could talk my wife into that. Wait.  I could pen country songs!  That’s it!  What rhymes with libido? I’m here sippin’ a brewski in a Speedo. Nope.  I may be a better golfer.

I do enjoy chatting and listening to interesting Siouxlanders. I have some top-shelf conversations in the alcohol aisle at the grocery store. I don’t know if being a chatty shopper classifies as a hobby. Maybe I could hand out those free samples of wine on Friday afternoons?  

Luckily, my radio gig allows me the opportunity to do so many fun activities I would classify as a hobby. I have probably been to 500 concerts without paying a dime, and I average 30 meals a year with listeners who share what is really important to them. Along with Stacie, I enjoy the heck out of the guests we have on the Siouxland Magazine / Powell Broadcasting branded podcast about inspirational thought leaders overcoming adversity and making our area a better place to live.

And not one of them mentions a Superhero movie.

By Tony Michaels

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