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Interview with Jesus Jimenez

  1. What challenges have you experienced living in Siouxland?

When I first moved to Siouxland, my parents brought my brother and me. My brother was four and I was six years old then. I had to skip kindergarten and start first grade, which was very difficult for me at first because I needed to learn to read and write English. It was a very scary situation not knowing what to do because I didn’t understand what people were saying to me. I spent the majority of my elementary school years catching up in English as a Second Language classes. Things would become easier over time and I was able to overcome those first challenges.    

  1. How has Siouxland been Welcoming?

Siouxland is a welcoming community in the number of groups and activities you can be involved in. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of Leadership Dakota County. Participating in Leadership has shown me around the community that I have grown up in. I was fortunate enough to attend all of the seminars and was able to visit new places and learn new information throughout Dakota County. I would encourage anyone who is wanting to be involved and meet new people, to join a group or activity in the community. 

  1. What do you want the people of Siouxland to know?

I want the people of Siouxland to know that every challenge you are faced with will always be a learning experience. Those experiences you will be able to look back on and reflect. Whatever the outcome negative or positive will not determine your future, because you will always have the ability to change it and learn from it. 

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