Kindness – a Note from the Editor

With every word and every gesture, we can make a difference. If we only knew how much it mattered, how a simple act of kindness could affect someone. It is in a genuine smile, in holding a gaze that sees the soul, in a heartfelt compliment, in an embrace that warms the heart. It is holding a door and seeing who is coming up behind you. It is being considerate. It is often in what seems like fleeting moments, that being present and being aware, and deliberately choosing to be a light, can be a difference maker.

Can you recall a time when you felt the joy within you about to spill over, to erupt into laughter, all because you witnessed someone fully engaged in the moment, expressing pure delight, laughing with every part of their body? Isn’t there something wonderful about being around someone with that contagious laugh? How can you help but feel good? It is contagious.

We have the potential to affect others in such a positive and magnificent way. Why wouldn’t we choose to use our superpowers to bring more joy to those around us each and every day? Now maybe asking for continuous laughter is a big ask, although we would all have great abs from the belly workout. But asking that each of us spread a little more kindness IS something that can be easily done. And it’s just as contagious.

I encourage you to show up, in all your power to be a light, and spread more kindness. Delight in the ways it connects us. How it not only fills up the person on the receiving end of your gesture, but how it reenergizes you. We lose nothing in giving.

In this issue, I am excited to celebrate those who are creating ripples. They are inviting us to lead with our hearts, knowing the power a random act of kindness can have on our community. They are encouraging action, creating momentum, and making a difference. Will you join us?

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