Knowing your role

There are so many experts in their field contributing to this magazine. I’ve been fortunate to interact with many of these talented individuals on the “Starting Conversations with Stacie and Tony” podcast on Apple iTunes and other pod platforms. As I said before, in this space, I’ve learned so much by simply listening to their words of wisdom on how to take on the challenges the world presents. Honestly, that audio project has made me a more well-balanced person. Hopefully, you will find the same kind of connection.

So, am I the expert in anything that adds value here? Well, I can break down minutiae of country music, Siouxland hidden gems, and the 4th string quarterback for the Huskers. Not sure that is aligned with the core mission of the magazine. I would love to be the guy known for spurring an authentic conversation. Ideally, my radio station is a great venue for that to happen. Over the last quarter century, I have heard so many tremendous stories. Those chats will stick to my ribs for some time. I take in every syllable from a parent talking about advocacy for her child to wise words from celebs. 

Recently after appearing on the new music discovery show “Friday Night Spotlight,” introducing a band an hour later at the Tyson Events Center, and waking up early to appear on a 6 a.m. talk show on KSCJ, I was greeted by a familiar face at the grocery store. He smiled and said to his buddy, “Hey, that’s Tony, and he used to work in radio.” Oh man.  I need better marketing.

Earlier in the week, I was delighted to receive a call at the KSUX studios from a 7-year-old boy on his birthday. When asked what his plans were for the big day, he said he just really wanted to have fun and play catch. At that point, I realized he just laid out a great course of action for the future. I may not be a gifted yoga specialist, my breathing technique still has a lot to be desired and my diet still consists of way too much taco consumption. However, I can see the future. Just like Carnac from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Whoops.  That reference is too old. Uh, just like a truth-seeking influencer from Dude Perfect. There we go.

Over the next decade, I see a decrease in streaming videos, social media, and chatter about celebs. After the experience of the pandemic, I believe our collective compass will point towards shared experiences. For me, honest chats with loved ones just mean more. I look forward to heartfelt conversations with friends I haven’t seen in awhile who just assumed I would have been fired from my radio job by now.

I’d like to believe radio will become even more relevant as a connection to the community has become more important. Hey, you can listen anywhere through a variety of sources like a radio signal, smart device, the free station app, or even your laptop.

In 10 years, maybe a microchip planted right by the ear? 

Maybe that 7-year-old can invite me to his high school graduation party.  We can have fun and play catch.

That’s way better than streaming the new season of CSI Sioux City.

The pilot episode is about a local DJ who gets beat up for talking too much about the Huskers.

By Tony Michaels, morning show host at KSUX 105.7, co-host of “Starting Conversations with Stacie and Tony” podcast, and author. He likes to talk. Is learning how to listen.

P.S. Please tell your friends I’m on the radio.

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