LEAD WITH STRENGTH in Purpose – Grow your Purpose during these times!

During uncertain times, great leaders continue to assess the environment, identify the emerging trends, look for opportunities to embrace and recognize threats to be managedAppropriately so, great leaders also focus to ensure “safety” and “security”. When we let it, that focus often takes us to a reflective space where we simply want and need more. More of what? A recognition from within often creates an emerging need or pent-up desire for Purpose once again.  Purpose for self, Purpose for others, Purpose with and among employees, customers, and communities.  A need evolves to push through, to grow through and move beyond the chaos and crisis, becoming resilient as we live in the chaos and crisis. Getting grounded or maybe getting re-grounded in Purpose can become the compelling driver to become more resilient, to recognize once again that we still do and always will have a choice; a choice to engage and re-engage today, and in the times ahead. Re-engaging around a common Purpose propels us forward to Goodness.

So, how does one Lead with Strength in Purpose these days. What does it mean to lead with purpose during this crisis? I have observed with many of our clients and those with whom we should partner, that this is a time when people are searching for and longing to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  As a leader, invest in yourself and your team to create an environment to be Purpose-focused and Purpose-driven as the path to meaningful engagement or to re-engagement at a deeper level.  Your “A” Team players already know how to do this. They want and need an environment these days that encourages them to do so.

Think about the behaviors associated with finding strength in Purpose.  What does that look like and feel like?  It may be to declare Purpose before Profits and doing what it takes to demonstrate proof of Purpose before Profits; inviting others to demonstrate proactive engagement with Purpose in spite of and because of these challenging times.  To literally find strength in Purpose and issue a rally cry for others to join you especially during times of fear and uncertainty. Help them BE CERTAIN that a Purpose-driven path will create the compassion, sensitivity and respect our customers and communities want and need. Abundance WILL follow. Abundance will be the measurable outcome.  So, what are you and your team doing beyond the current “Now but temporary Unhealthy Normal” to push beyond to a New Purpose-Driven Normal? Simply start by identifying the key stakeholders for you and for your organization, your team members, customers, community members, and business partners. Then ask, what would it mean to Live into our Purpose in three ways:

•         Doing what is expected of me and us as a collective group

•         Inviting others to creatively partner around a shared purpose

•         Going the extra mile, going above and way beyond what is expected

Create space today to simply ask and reflect upon what it would take for me to Lead with Strength in a deepened sense of Purpose. Purpose, and the desire for purpose, will build momentum to outlast this pandemic and become a sustainable force through any challenge or opportunity. It naturally evolves into a “way of being” and simply guides daily choices. We individually and collectively become better; an even better version of who we are today.  BE x DO = HAVE.

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