I call this exhibit Listen. As a society we don’t do enough of that. It seems we’re always waiting for our turn to talk or respond.  I know I’m guilty of it. Shortly after the George Floyd incident I saw a local Siouxland rapper Fetty Fred post a photo with the duct tape. I think I had maybe seen one shot on Instagram as well, and I loved it. I thought it was a powerful image. Immediately I knew I wanted to do a series of shots where people could tell the viewer something without using their voice.   Without being interrupted. What I want people to take away from this is to just pause for a moment and listen. Of course I have my opinions on what’s going on in our country, as do you I’m sure. Ultimately this is how these people in the photographs feel, their voice is valid no matter how you or I or anyone else feels. And that makes their feelings valid. So please just listen.

Britton’s artwork is on display at Hardline Coffee.

By Britton Hacke

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