LIVE EVENT: March 18, 10 AM

CONVERSE is the heart of our magazine. It’s here, we are starting conversations focused on issues that matter to our readers and that impact our community. We invite everyone to take a seat at the table and share their unique perspective. We are diving into difficult conversations, approaching seemingly unanswerable questions, with a commitment to embrace possibilities. We will not shy away just because the answers aren’t clear or because it may be uncomfortable. We are allowing things to unfold by trusting in the process, leaning into the conversation with an insatiable curiosity. 

It’s not our intention to persuade anyone, nor is it our intention to arrive at a solution. It is our desire to get the conversation rolling, to hold space for ideas to manifest, to encourage full participation, and facilitate in this process that moves us forward.

In the last couple of issues, we’ve shared stories focused on homelessness. Now it’s time to take it to another level. We will have our first live forum on March 18 at the Sioux City Public Museum to build on the conversations we’ve started. We want to get people in the room, literally. We hope you will join us as we meet this topic with compassion and strive to bridge understanding. We will hear stories that will open our hearts, connect and learn from change makers to multiply their efforts, and have powerful conversations provoked through Q&A time. We recognize that there are many people and organizations working tirelessly to help those in need. We applaud their dedication and encourage our readers to support their efforts by attending this event.

Certainly, we want to see positive impact in our community from these discussions. It is our hope that our readers will continue the conversations, create momentum, and implement strategies that make sense for their neighborhoods, organizations or any other facet of their lives. Our stories are meant to educate and inspire our readers, and to get them engaged and hopefully empowered to take positive action.

By: Stacie Anderson is the owner of Siouxland Magazine and a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

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