Once You Find It, Do not Lose It!

I could be talking about your car keys, or the password for your internet banking account, or in my case, my cell phone (which I lose/misplace at least five times a day!), but I am not. I am talking about something I hope you have found already and kept…passion!

Passion is the fire that keeps us going, the strong driver that makes us work longer and harder to accomplish something, the topic that we can talk about with enthusiasm and persuasion. 

As a Gallup Strength Finder certified trainer, I have helped many people discover their inherent “talents” and how to turn them into strengths. It is amazing to me that once someone learns about their talents, and the descriptions of each, the lightbulb goes on as they now understand themselves better and WHY they are passionate about certain things. “Learners” are passionate about learning; “Achievers” are passionate about getting things done – checking off their “to do” list; “Ideation” means you are passionate about ideas, context, connections. Once you understand yourself, you can focus your talents to use them in positive ways to make a difference in the area you are passionate about. 

The Gallup Strength Finder is a wonderful tool to help you develop as a leader in your career and in your community. Understanding how our talents can hold us back or propel us forward can be the difference between success and failure. I encourage you to reach out if you are interested in taking an assessment to find out your top talents.

As we look around the world as we know it today, there is so much need that the opportunities to use our talents productively seem unending. In the spring, when we were reeling from the beginnings of the pandemic and everything seemed unknown, uncertain, and frightening, I found myself spinning in circles verses focusing on a single area in which I could make a difference. Sometimes we lose our passion when we feel overwhelmed, and we feel useless and ineffective. That’s when we need to surround ourselves with others that can invigorate us, get us excited over possibilities and keep us moving forward.

Another challenge with passion is keeping it real – not letting passion cause us to ignore the facts, or glide over the details. I love seeing leaders who have learned how to manage reality yet still exhibit contagious enthusiasm. Passion is one thing this year we DO want to catch! 

I wish you a 2021 that brings you joy, that allows you to turn your talents into strengths, and to use those strengths in a way that creates a positive difference.

By, Peggy Smith

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