Pam Coenen

Assistant Vice President \ Insurance Agent, Securus Insurance Group 

What am I working on now? 

Due to COVID-19, a lot of what I would be doing has been postponed or cancelled. However, through the creativity of several civic groups and other organizations, we have found many ways to stay active, while practicing social distancing. As a part of Leadership Dakota County Alumni, we have created a committee, dedicated to raising funds for the completion of the Interpretive Center located at the Siouxland Freedom Park. I serve on the Board of Director’s for the South Sioux City Area Chamber of Commerce and as an Ambassador. We are working on our annual golf outing now, one of our two main fundraisers. I also serve of the Board of Director’s for Heartland Counseling and we have been working on fundraisers and different community events, such as our annual Mental Health Awareness Walk. I am also going on my tenth year of Volunteering with the South Sioux City Community Schools.  I am currently serving on the Parent and Teacher Organization and we do all of the fundraising and event planning for Cardinal Elementary such as our annual Daddy/Daughter Dance, Mommy/Son Dance, Cardinal Carnival and Homecoming Parades, amongst many other events. 

What is my vision for the future?

I would love to see our younger generation become more involved in the evolvement of their community. We need their knowledge, insight, and opinions, when trying to make our community a better place and making sure it is always growing. I work with a lot of young entrepreneurs and connecting them with others that may have more experience and seeing how their ideas come together using old ways and new ways, is always exciting for me to witness. I believe when we start getting involved at a young age, it helps us grow into young professionals and helps create a positive lifestyle. I would also love to see the collaboration of many different diversities, coming together and making a difference. We are blessed to have so many different diversities within our community and we need to embrace that and use it to our benefit in creating a welcoming community, of some sort. 

What would I like to see happen in Siouxland?

I would like to see a collaboration with the school systems and civic groups/nonprofit organizations, to help make all this possible. I believe that this is how we keep our youth on the right path and give them the opportunity of being introduced to the gratitude of giving and being active in your community, at a young age. Also, if we can have students be a part of helping create a welcoming community for other new students, that would be beneficial. Making sure everyone feels welcome and accepted is key.

What am I doing to help make that happen? 

I am working closely with the civic groups that I am currently a part of, in incorporating youth and young leaders with our ongoing projects. We also make sure that a lot of our events are kid friendly, so that we have the opportunity to connect with them and see what struggles they may be facing or what positive change they would like to see happen in their community. It’s all about staying connected and being able to adapt to change when it is necessary. I always make sure that they know that their opinion is valued and could make an impact within their community. Using their ideas and implementing them when we are able, is always beneficial when our end goal is to always evolve. I am bilingual in both Spanish and English and I use that to my advantage, when trying to engage with others. Trying to incorporate everyone within our community is important to me. 

How can people help me make that happen? 

If you or your organization have the time or resources to help make this collaboration progress, I encourage you to reach out to myself or someone in your community with the same interests, and help make that happen. It is our duty to help make our community a better place to live and grow. I also encourage parents to engage with their children in any opportunity to volunteer. When they experience the gratitude of others, because of a selfless act of their own, it changes them for the better. It changes us all for the better. That is what we need to be better. 

What quote inspired me? 

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana 

Volunteer Organizations

South Sioux City Area Chamber of Commerce – Board of Directors

Heartland Counseling – Board of Directors & Fundamental Planning Committee

South Sioux City Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors – Chairman 

Dakota County Leadership – Alumni & Planning Committee

Siouxland Freedom Park – Planning Committee

Cardinal Festival – Co-Chair Planning Committee

Siouxland Earth Day – Planning Committee

Cardinal Elementary Parent/Teacher Organization

Sunnybrook Church – Saturday Serve Committee

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