Passion for Home Improvement

Some people dream of owning their own business for as long as they can remember. That was not the case with Jason Schrunk. The owner of Schrunk Roofing, Jason got into the construction business somewhat by happenstance. 

“Some of my friends got themselves through college by roofing on the weekends and summer days. I helped a few times. I worked at Premier Bankcard. Once I learned how to do roofing, I started to do some work on weekends as a sideline in the summer. When my full-time job ended, roofing helped me get through financially. I decided to focus on that,” said Jason.  

Today, Schrunk Roofing is so much more than roofing. 

“We do roofs, a lot of siding, windows, stone – pretty much anything on the exterior of your home,” Jason explained. The balance of services helps to provide stability for the business. 

“Summer is mainly roofing, but the cooler months we do siding and other jobs,” added Jason. The company focuses primarily on residential; however, it does commercial work when the opportunity arises. 

When I spoke with Jason, it was easy to see he is passionate about his work. 

“I love to see the transformation of houses. We’ve worked with a lot of really rundown houses and transforming them into something the owner can be proud of is great,” shared Jason.

 Schrunk Roofing is focused on maintaining a good reputation by taking care of the homeowner, working hard to maintain integrity. 

“There are a lot of fly-by-night roofing companies around. People need to be careful and make sure the company has insurance, operates safely, pays their taxes, and will follow through,” explained Jason. 

The freedom of working for yourself is something most entrepreneurs enjoy. Jason does as well.

 “Though it would be nice to punch a clock some days, you have to know when you run a business it isn’t a 40-hours a week thing. It’s not 8-5, and there’s no guaranteed paycheck for the business owner,” he warned. 

Some of the biggest risks in the construction business are the possibility of paying for materials, or doing the work and not getting paid. However, those risks do not deter Jason from his passion.

“I’m ok with risk, so that has been good. I’m not afraid to invest in new tools, learn processes that help us do better work,” shared Jason. 

Jason has been intentional about investing in himself, as well as his business. He graduated from Morningside college at age 31 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is proud that he was able to operate a business, spend time with his wife and three kids, and complete that degree. Two years ago, he purchased the GenPro business, which provides him with various choices for customers when replacing siding and windows. Additionally, Jason volunteers at Camp High Hopes when he has time, and they have a need.

 “It’s near and dear to me,” he said, explaining that his daughter goes to Camp High Hopes. 

When asked what is new in the home exterior business, Jason shared the biggest thing right now is the challenge with the supply chain. Coronavirus has impacted the construction business, too. 

“Demand is extremely high. I guess people are working at home and seeing these things that bother them a lot more and deciding to get it done,” he said. However, that demand created a challenge with supplies. Materials are taking much longer to arrive, and because of higher demand, prices have increased as well. 

“I’ve had some very patient homeowners this year.  I’ve been fortunate, it’s been a great year for work,”  shared Jason.

When asked what advice he would offer readers who may be interested in starting their own business, Jason offers several pieces of wisdom for consideration. 

“Do your homework. Know everything you can about the business you are starting, do not just jump in. Have some money set aside for the IRS, unexpected expenses, or slow times. Know the regulations and build in the expense associated with them. Remember, your employer doesn’t pay the taxes when you work for yourself. You are also going to need to hire professionals to help with tax prep and other things. Finally – love what you do because you will be married to it,” advised Jason.

Jason hopes his kids grow up to share his passion for home improvement. 

“I would love for my kids to take it over someday. But that’s a long way off – we’ll wait and see,” he concluded. 

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