Reserve Your Seat. It’s Time to Emerge.

“Siouxland women rock!”

That is a direct comment from a participant after attending last year’s Siouxland Women Lead Change Conference. We had the room packed with 350 women plus 40 college students, eager to learn from one another and network. A total of 90 Siouxland companies were represented and 22 local Siouxland organizations financially supported this event with their sponsorship dollars. Whether you are a woman business owner, work for one, or support Siouxland women leaders, this conference can help set you up for great success! But don’t just take our word for it! 

What were some other key takeaways from attending the 2019 conference? We’re so glad you asked. Hear from some of our past attendees: 

  • “I left ready to tackle some big goals. It gave me the push I needed to get started and helped me connect with local female businesswomen.”
  • “It gave me some great ideas on how to tactfully deal with difficult coworkers”.
  • “I am ready to go after my goals even if someone says I’m crazy.”
  • “Everyone has a story. I realized I am not alone.” 
  • “I learned ways to prepare for tough conversations.”

So what’s in store for the 2020 Women Lead Change Conference on Feb. 20 at the Sioux City Convention Center?

  • 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes from Siouxland leaders
    • Six Siouxland leaders share 10 ideas each – both big and small – that can be applied to any business
  • Keynote Address from Beth Shelton, CEO Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
    • Embracing disruption and innovation in the workplace
  • Workshop from our very own Sioux City Native, Cy Wakeman on How to Live Happy in a Messy World
    • We will dig deep and learn three questions for self-reflection that can help you to toggle up into your higher self and approach your world from a more effective mindset.
    • We’ll also learn three tools that will “change everything without changing anything.”

If you’ve never been to a Women Lead Change conference, get ready to experience the empowerment gained when you begin to question everything you think. Grab your friends and colleagues for a day of learning and application you can take right back to the office or weave into your business. 

Who should attend the Siouxland Conference?

Are you looking for practical, tactical, leadership development skills? This conference is for you. Are you a company looking for opportunities to develop future leaders? This conference is for you. From emerging leaders to senior-level executives, all attendees will have takeaways from this day of education, inspiration, and empowerment. 

“The conference allows us to meet and connect with other women across Siouxland,” Catherine Bloom, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Interstates said. “The conference is also a great opportunity for women within a company to connect for a day, build stronger relationships and dream about how they can have a bigger impact within their companies.”

Bloom will be one of the local leaders participating on the 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes panel. When asked for her vision for women leaders in Siouxland in 2020 and beyond is, she said,  

“My vision is that women leaders and, frankly, all leaders, will be respected for the knowledge and skills they bring to the table. The strongest teams are those that include members with diverse backgrounds and experiences where all ideas can openly be shared. My vision is for us to encourage the next generation of women to be confident leaders in their communities, companies, and homes.”

This conference isn’t just for women, it also welcomes men to join in the conversation about advancing women leaders as well! “I also think that in order to really evoke change, there should be more men in attendance,” a 2019 conference attendee said. “Men have to be on board too in order for women to make a change in the world and the workplace.”

What next? Reserve Your Seat. 

There are some things you can do to prepare for the Women Lead Change Siouxland Conference.

  1. Register for $190/person at
  2. Gather a group from work to sponsor a table for 10 for $2,500 and receive a copy of No Ego by Cy Wakeman for each attendee. Email by Jan. 31, 2019.
  3. Listen to the Cy Wakeman No Ego podcast.
  4. Make sure to have plenty of business cards ready to exchange on the day of the conference.
  5. Take lots of notes and watch for the follow-up discussion guide to share with colleagues and friends. Keep the leadership development going!
  6. Follow Women Lead Change on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and more.

By Amy Eaton, Director of Marketing & Strategic Development for Women Lead Change.

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