Small Business Spotlight – Collective & Co.

There are those who feel such deep passion for their work that when it comes to their business, they lead with emotion. It is not just business as usual; it is an experience. There is great intention set on every detail of what a customer’s experience will look like and feel like.

Briana Langel, founder of Collective & Co., had dreamt for years of having her own business where she could inspire and impact others. Collective & Co., located on Central Ave in Le Mars, Iowa, is a unique environment offering inspiration for decorating, fashion, and entertainment.  

After earning her degree in interior design, Bri worked for a design studio for five-years that led her to clarity on her vision for her own business. When the Le Mars Beauty College building became available, her dream became a reality. “I knew Le Mars needed it,” she says of the concept.

Described as a boutique focused on refined, intriguing, creative and music inspired experiences, the space is not only a retail outlet, but it can also be rented for small meetings, baby/bridal showers, or other events. The creative space is low-key yet refined, just like Bri. “I like to keep things simple,” she explains, “but also find something that has a little bit of an edge or is unexpected to it.” The space can bring a creative and music inspired element to an event or outing.  

“I have a deep love for music,” Bri adds. “As a concept store, I wanted it to be an experience for people when they walk in. I accomplish this by curating playlists for my customers. Music is a HUGE part of my everyday life. The way that it makes me feel is something I wanted others to experience too. I wanted it to be different.

The boutique offers home décor, women’s, and men’s fashions for purchase.  Many of the items are unique and Bri describes them as “found, vintage and antique.”   

The shop is arranged into different areas highlighting furniture and design elements that create a true collective experience. Which is where the venue gets its name. “Collective comes from a Latin word, which means gathered together,” Bri notes. “The idea is to gather different items to create that collective home that is together. Additionally, I also wanted this to be a place people could come together with different thoughts and ideas and create a collective result.”  

Bri has definitely created unique spaces that evoke different emotions as you wander through the venue. Large furniture and accent pieces throughout create a harmony while conveying something interesting. “I very much want this to be a space where YOU, the customer, envisions something amazing by seeing that one thing that could spark that vision.” 

“Everything you see here is something I would want to purchase,” Bri explains. “I want to be intentional with the things I bring into my shop. It’s hard to describe entirely in words – that’s why it is so important for people to come in to experience the collective.”

Gather your friends together and head to the Collective & Co. in Le Mars to experience the unique boutique created just for that purpose.

By Dr. Cyndi Hanson

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