Small Business Spotlight: HOTWORX 

It’s that time of year again when many people are focusing on self-improvement, specifically improving their health and wellness through exercise and fitness routines. 

“We’re excited to be in the Siouxland area and to bring HOTWORX to Sioux City!” said Katie McDonald-McWilliams. Katie and her sister, Ashley, and their spouses, are the owners of HOTWORX, all of whom were born and raised in Sioux City. Katie and her spouse are also both Morningside College graduates.

HOTWORX offers health improvement through the use of infrared heat during workouts and yoga. It is a virtually instructed exercise series created for members to experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption while completing a 30-minute isometric workouts or 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. 

HOTWORX is offering right now your first session at no cost.

“If you go to our Facebook Page, or Instagram, you can see what we have available at what times, and then sign up on the app. You can sign up at the last minute if you suddenly find yourself with some free time, or up to two days in advance. We’re a little different than just a yoga studio. We offer 12 different workouts and yoga. We have ten different saunas available. Although we’re a 24-hour available facility, we do have staffed hours. When you sign up for your first visit, we’ll show you around and make sure that you are comfortable with how things work and answer any questions you may have,” said Katie.

The thought of working out with infrared heat may cause concern for some, worried that working out in hot heat may cause them to pass out. However, infrared heat is a dry heat, not a humid heat. Some of the results and benefits from using infrared heat are muscle recover, pain relief, stress reduction, weight loss, increased calorie burn, detoxification, lower blood pressure, cellulite reduction, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, and improved circulation.

“Infrared heat is a dry heat so it is more comfortable to work out in allowing for easier breathing. With your body temperature rising, it allows you to burn more calories, too. I’ve had so many people tell me that after their first session, they’ve had the best night’s sleep,” said Katie.

Another of the great things about HOTWORX that sets them apart from other fitness facilities is that they are an asset to anyone interested in maintaining better fitness in their life. If you’re working out in a sauna alone, you won’t feel the pressure to compete or compare yourself with other participants. However, the saunas allow for three participants per unit, so you may have a workout buddy or two to join you and cheer each other on in achieving your fitness goals.

“It’s not intimidating; you can go at your own pace. You work with a virtual instructor, so they are always going to be on-time, available for the session you sign up for on the app, and motivated to help you succeed. When you are choosing your session, you can also choose the level of difficulty. If you’re just starting out, and once into the session it feels a bit too much, you can just sit in the sauna and soak up the health benefits,” explained Katie.

There are 9 different isometric workout sessions, 30 minutes in length, and three different HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions using biking, rowing, or a total body workout that are 15 minutes in length.  The 12 workout sessions are: 

  • HOT ISO – Isometric Compression Postures
  • HOT PILATES – Traditional Pilates
  • HOT YOGA – Athletic Style Yoga
  • HOT BUNS – Focus on the Glutes
  • HOT BARRE NONE – Unique Ballet Workout without the BARRE
  • HOT CORE – Abs, Hips, and Lower Back
  • HOT WARRIOR – Advanced Series of Isometric Postures
  • HOT BANDS – Intense Total Body Resistance Bands Workout
  • HOT STRETCH – Stretch Session Workout
  • HOT CYCLE – Cycle Sessions with Choreographed Intensity Intervals
  • HOT THUNDER – First Ever Dual Pulley Water Rower
  • HOT BLAST – Strength, Endurance, and Cardio HIIT for the Total Body.

 “HOTWORX is a great way option to start your fitness goals and allows you to do it on your own time. The results our members have achieved make it one of the most efficient workout programs in the fitness industry. After you try it once, your body will crave it and want more!” stated Katie.

HOTWORX is located at 5826 Sunnybrook Drive in Sioux City. You can contact them through their Facebook Page, Instagram, and their phone number 712-215-6650 if you have any questions or need more information.

By Amy Buster

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