Small Business Spotlight: Pure Home Health

Pure Home Health is located at 2018 Indian Hills Drive in Sioux City. Joe Donnelly is the gentleman to speak to for helping you and your families live a clean and healthy life.

“Rick Cappadonna started the Carico line of products that Pure Home Health is now bringing to our community back in 1967. He saw your home as being the one place you needed to feel safe and taken care of; he started to design products and systems to keep your home safe from pollutants. Water’s important, sleep is important, and air is important … especially if you have little ones,” shared Joe.

However, Rick’s approach to dealing with and eliminating the problem of toxins, pollutants, bacteria, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) wasn’t a one size fits all approach. 

“We want to make it so that regardless of whether they’re getting a glass of water at the sink, or taking a shower in the bathroom, the water they are using is clean, and safe, that they are completely protected,” stated Joe.

That product is a water purification system that does not run on electricity. So, if your power goes out, which can happen up here during storms, then you don’t lose your safe water supply.

“That water purification system can be designed to fit an apartment’s needs, or an entire home’s. Regardless of if we’re dealing with rural water, or well water, if you call and make an appointment, we can come out, take a water sample, have the sample set to the lab, and in a short amount of time, see what kind of pollutants we are dealing with, and then design a system built specifically to deal with and eliminate it. We want to take the time to educate our customers as to what their specific health concerns are with their water supply, and then to give them the best recommendations to fit their needs,” said Joe.

The world has been growing and changing for years. Today’s water supply is not the crystal-clear streams and rivers supplying our aquifers of the past. 

“Pharmaceuticals are showing up in tests, such as blood thinners. For people with certain health conditions, ingesting that could be fatal,” warned Joe.

If your water is starting to taste funny, or different, or smell different, Joe advises that you have it tested. 

When it comes to addressing the question of quality of sleep, and cleanliness of your sleeping area, Joe suggests considering a grounded mattress or grounded mattress topper.

“We worked with the American Chiropractic Association and the Better Sleep Council in order to design this system. We knew we wanted to be the most advanced sleep system on the market,” said Joe.

Researching with these two organizations, Carico produced the Grounding Mattress and Grounding Mattress Topper. Grounding is a technique that has been around for many years. It is a verb meaning your body making a connection directly with the Earth.

“Walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach is the best way to explain it. Our bodies were designed and made to connect with the Earth. We were all made that way, just like the plants and the animals. When you can find a way to ground for an extended period of time, longer than 10 to 15 minutes, those benefits start to accumulate in your body. Once you start doing this for extended periods of time your body goes into a healing state. Your organ systems are working better, your stress levels are reduced, and it’s reducing inflammation. We’ve been able to help people get off of their blood pressure meds over time,” said Joe.

And finally, there is the obstacle of keeping the air we breathe clean in our homes.

“People today aren’t aware of how badly polluted the air is inside their homes. We are in an age where we’re building such well-insulated homes and buildings that the problem is that the bad air that is in them have no way to get out. We continue to breathe it in and we’re unable to get the fresh, clean air that we need,” explained Joe.

The medical facts back it up. In early 2000, one in 15 children suffered from Asthma. Today, that ratio is down to one in four.

“An air purification system acts as the lungs of a house. It takes in the polluted air, filters out the pollutants, and pushes out fresh, clean air. If you don’t have something filtering out these toxins and pollutants, you are now the lungs of your home,” stated Joe.

Air purification systems are different than air filter systems that are available on Amazon, or at local department stores. Air filter systems only filter out particulates, dust, and pet hairs. Air purification systems filter out dust, particulates, and pet hairs; however, they also filter out toxins and pollutants.

“The problem with lead paint of years past wasn’t that the children were chewing on parts of a home or building painted in the paint, they were inhaling the particles as the paint broke down over the years and turned into microscopic particles that they were inhaling,” explained Joe.

An air purification system will stop that from happening with the pollutants that we are faced with today.

If you’re interested in learning how to help keep your home safe, and a cleaner environment to dwell in, stop in and see Joe at Pure Home Health.

“Our phone number is listed on our Facebook Page, Google us, or just come out to the store to talk, and we can arrange things there face-to-face. Don’t be afraid to reach out and call. We want you to be healthier and live longer. I don’t want to say we want to be old-fashioned. We want this to be the new fashion. We want to build relationships with our customers, so that they know they can trust us. At Pure Home Health we’re family, and we want our customers to be a part of that.”

By Amy Buster

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