Small Business Spotlight: Simply Celebrate

Shayla Krantz has always loved a good celebration.   “Pre-kids, I was a graphic designer and event planner,” she explained.  “I always dreamt of finding a way to combine the two things I love to do – and now I get to do that!”

Shayla’s enthusiasm is reflected in her business, Simply Celebrate Siouxland, which she founded in April 2022.  She loves to celebrate life.   “I tend to throw parties for my kids or family, whether the event is big or small.  I just love to have a party!”

Taking the time to pause the rush of life and be present at a party is important to enjoying the moment, and it’s exactly what Shayla’s business supports.   For some people (like this author), throwing a party can be stressful – decorations, invitations, and party favors are all details that take time and creativity.   That’s where the “Party Box” comes in.  Shayla will work with the theme you have established (or create one for you), do all the planning and shopping, and package everything you need for the party into a box.  “You just open the box, and everything you need is there.  The decorations all coordinate, you set them up and your party is ready to go,” she said.

“Sometimes party themes can be harder than you think when you start,” Shayla noted.  “I recently did a party box for a family who wanted a firefighter themed party for their one-year old daughter.  They were having trouble finding things that were ‘girly’ and fire fighter.  I got to custom design invitations and decorations -it was so fun!”  

Even if you aren’t a party-thrower, you probably get invited to parties now and then.  Whether it’s a birthday party for your child’s friend, a baby or bridal shower, figuring out what gift to buy, then locating it can be time consuming.  Never fear –  Simply Celebrate can help you there too!  “I can work within your budget,” Shayla explained, “let me know what you are looking for and I can get it for you, wrap and deliver it to you.  Or if you don’t know what you want, give me a little information on the event and I’ll find just the right thing.”  In addition, for those showers where the honoree is registered, Simply Celebrate can take your gift giving to the next level.  “I will search the registry to find items that go together within your budget, purchase them and put them into a neat basket decorated to match the shower theme,” Shayla said giddily. 

You’d think Simply Celebrate has everything covered at that point, but Shayla thought of one more place where gift giving can be an extra task on a busy parent’s (or teacher’s) to-do list.  “Teachers often want to get little gifts for their students at special times, but finding something within budget, wrapping, putting personal labels on, and all those things have to happen outside of work time along with all the other things they do,”  Shayla commented.  “I can do that for teachers – find custom gifts, wrap them, make personalized notes, and then the teacher just has to hand them out.”   Parents stressed about Valentine’s Day or other special days at school are covered by Simply Celebrate also – the same services are available to parents tasked with providing gifts to all students in the class.  

“Right now, I’m also doing a Back-To-School box, for teachers,” Shayla described with excitement.  “It includes 20 student gifts with personalized tags, a meet the teacher printout for each student, and a printed wish-list of items they need for the classroom.”  It’s a great way for teachers to welcome students and ask for parental support at the same time.  

To learn more about the services available at Simply Celebrate, visit the webpage at:, or view the Small Business Spotlight on Siouxland Magazine’s Facebook feed.  

Now.  . . . let’s party!

By Dr. Cyndi Hanson

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