Small Business Spotlight: Source to Soul Reiki

Source to Soul Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and anxiety.

Helping people is something that Sandy Leach has been doing most of her life. She has worked in education for the last 23 years. Using her hands to facilitate communication, Reiki made sense.

“I have always been interested in anything holistic or metaphysical. So, when Reiki came to me during COVID, I took notice. Suddenly it was everywhere. I would hear it in a conversation, see it on TV or in a magazine, or show up on my social media. After about three months, I realized it was no coincidence. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. That was January of 2021, and since then, Reiki has changed my entire life. I am so grateful and blessed.” said Sandy.

While still working full-time as an interpreter for deaf students, Sandy began her certifications for Reiki training taking on-line and in-person classes in the Sioux City area and Omaha. She is a certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Ryoho Master Teacher.  In 2022, she completed certification for Crystal Reiki, Access Bars® and continues to work on her education and certifications to offer more services to her clients. In October 2021, she opened the Source to Soul Reiki in Dakota Dunes, SD. In February 2022, she began teaching Reiki classes. 

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It is a holistic health approach but does not replace medical care. A Reiki practitioner uses a gentle touch to help guide and balance the flow of energy in a way that promotes the body’s own healing ability. The list of benefits from Reiki is endless. 

Sandy explained that the body records everything, good and bad. That many times, people are holding things they don’t even realize. If something had happened to them that occurred in childhood, they may push those things so far down that they don’t even remember what happened. But the body remembers, and holds that in. Our body knows what to do to heal itself, sometimes it just needs a little help. Reiki can be the help that is needed.

“A Reiki session allows a person the space, freedom, and ability to release many of those feelings and emotions. Sometimes it may take more than one session to allow the body to process and release what it’s been holding. Sandy and the client discuss any concerns before the energy session begins. Afterwards, they discuss what energy is needed to allow the release, and what to expect in the upcoming days.

Normal reactions after sessions are feeling like a client has awakened from an extremely refreshing nap. Some may release with tears, some through deep meditation. Most tend to notice in days following that their anxiety or stress levels are reduced, and a deeper sense of calm as the Reiki continues to work in their body.

If you’d like to learn more about Source to Soul Reiki and the services available, Reiki classes, or book an appointment, visit their website at or checkout their Facebook page. 

By Amy Buster

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