Small Business Spotlight: Verde Outdoor

Helping businesses reach their target audiences.

In today’s business world, getting your product or service to your target audience is the backbone of your success. In the Siouxland community, Verde Outdoor is a company skilled in helping your business reach that goal. 

“Billboards are the most effective way of formal marketing right now. They help brand your company and what you bring to the area, not strictly your product or service. Our billboards can tell that story in an incredibly effective manner. They’re always there. They’re always out in front of you. You can’t change the channel or turn them off. Bluetooth and podcasts won’t stop the effectiveness of billboards from working. The message is so strong and so present. That’s why our customers love them so much. We see it repeatedly with increased renewal rates,” stated new General Manager David English.

If you have considered using billboards as part of your advertising campaign but haven’t, he recommended talking to one of the team.

“There are a lot of assumptions about requirements in a billboard campaign about costs, and how long you have to have a board up. You don’t always need a board on the highway. If you’re a local company, having a board on a local street might benefit you and your business more. You would be putting your message out in front of local traffic; these are the people you see in the grocery store, at church, that you play ball with, or that your children are friends with; these are the people you serve as customers. Many people on I-29 are great people, but they are going from Kansas City up to Minneapolis; they’re not your target audience. That’s what our team can bring to the table for you. We can take the time to explain to you why some boards would work for your business and why some might not work as well. Those conversations are what help lead people to your business. It is really fun to start having those high-end intelligent conversations with clients and go into great depth and detail on how we can best serve you,” shared David.

When David mentions billboards, he isn’t just talking about signs on a post. In today’s digitally enhanced world, Verde Outdoor utilizes Static Billboards and Digital Billboards. 

“There’s no such thing as dated copy on a digital board. Concerts, venues you can promote all kinds of things, and it’s flexible and easy for the client. It’s a brilliant medium and intelligent way to promote your message. They’re going to be a mainstay of what we do. Your entire marketing budget doesn’t need to be outdoors, but some of it should be. We serve all of Siouxland. We have businesses in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Geographically, it’s a huge footprint that we serve. Touching more than 900 boards, we have a presence anywhere in Siouxland. We service many incredible communities with boutiques, the mom and pop stores, restaurants, and local heating and cooling companies. These small cities bring such a powerful punch to our area. We love serving these communities,” said David.

So what was it about Verde Outdoor that brought David to Sioux City to accept the role of New General Manager?

“Before I accepted the position and agreed to jump and move up here, the company brought me up to meet with the team first. I won’t ever forget that trip. I was working for a locally owned Outdoor Advertising company, and I’d heard great things about Verde Outdoor from people in the business that I knew and trusted. I come from a tiny town in Kansas. Despite having lived in Kansas City for so long, I still have a little bit of that Midwestern country boy in me. Something is exciting about returning to a community designed for families, for people trying to earn their own path. It was a challenge I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I embraced that challenge, and thankfully so did my family. I love introducing my family back into a little of that Midwestern feel. Sioux City, from the minute we came to town, provided that. It was the combination of the great company itself and the opportunity to embrace yourself and dive into a community like this and be part of a really neat place,” said David. 

However, what Verde Outdoor can do for your company is only half of the story. The company itself, the TEAM that delivers with its heart and soul for every business they serve, is another story in itself.

“TEAM, the people of the company, and a lot of passion and experience; we have a lot of people that were here when Avery Outdoors was the company, and then when Verde bought it, we added to it. I’ve never been involved with another company or organization that leads with so much care and compassion for the communities that they serve. The installers get up early on a Saturday morning after a night of storms to go check on the boards; the charting managers and the graphic designers come in early because we have a big project in the works. We serve a community and are responsible for serving it properly. We have a voice with our billboards that can help many businesses in the area. We understand these locally owned businesses, which is most of the people we work with at Verde Outdoor. They can trust us to help market and grow their business. That’s a huge responsibility, one we truly understand and respect. There is a connection that you have to have with the people that you serve and the people that you work with as well,” explained David.

The Siouxland Branch of Verde Outdoor is located at 2420 Correctionville Road, Sioux City, Iowa 51106. Find them online at or reach them by phone at 1-800-369-SIGN (7446).

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