The Expansion Center

What happens when two people share their dreams out loud? When they express their desire to create a community focused on growth, then decide to lean into the possibilities and explore a collaborative approach? They opened The Expansion Center. 

Stacie and Debbie have known each other since childhood. Although seemingly opposites, they have a lot in common, most significantly, their love of learning and serving others. This alignment began taking root a few years ago.

As they started opening up about their dreams and goals, The Expansion Center was born. However, neither realized it at that time. Initially, they were just looking for a shared space. Stacie wanted a location for Siouxland Magazine and to do business coaching. As a Certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach, she wanted a place to pour into other leaders. Debbie wanted a place to do spiritual coaching and sell books. As a published author, owning a bookstore would be a dream, an inspired space to write, read, and support other local authors. In October of 2021, the perfect space presented itself on Historic 4th Street.

Ultimately, it is a shared space. Under one roof you will find Siouxland Magazine and The Expansion Center, completely independent businesses. The magazine now has a place for community conversations that Stacie, the owner, has wanted since purchasing the business in 2018. But it’s The Expansion Center that bridged their worlds and turned life-long friends into business partners. The two ladies came together and merged their dreams to create something bigger than either had dreamed on their own, a new business that encouraged and supported self-growth.

The Expansion Center was born from a desire to have a place to go themselves to learn, explore, and play. A place to expand in all areas of their life – mind, body, and spirit. 

At the Expansion Center you will find shopping, services, and workshops. There’s a bookstore to feed your insatiable curiosity with books that dive into the three focus areas, as well as retail products to support them. Everything from yoga, meditation, and strengthening equipment to leadership and personal development tools, crystals, and other spiritual products are available there. Not only do they encourage shopping locally, but they also carry other local brands such as Wild Hill Honey, Next to Nature’s teas, and Sweetgrass Trading Co. products. Collaboration continues to be a strong theme.

Crystals from Adam’s Holistic Alternatives have a major presence in the center. Adam is known for his enormous collection and his generous pricing. 

Workshops are an integral part of The Expansion Center. It’s a place for both Stacie and Debbie to bring their gifts and expertise to the community, but also to partner with other small businesses and individuals. They share the space for others to facilitate trainings and classes, thus allowing for a wide variety of experiences to offer the community. 

Take for example Next to Nature. Jamie Vess will be offering workshops educating people on tea, from how to steep the perfect cup to its health benefits. If you love her products, they have a small selection at the center, but they also encourage you to visit her store – driving business to other small local shop owners. Businesses supporting businesses.

Not only are they supporting other businesses, but they are all about giving their customers the best possible experience, from the variety of offerings to the connection of outstanding people, even the warm and inviting space that allows you to feel seen, heard, and understood.

It gives you an opportunity to be exposed to so many things, to enjoy the variety that life has to offer. It’s a place to try something new and know that it’s okay to not be good at it – embrace the beginner’s journey.

Let’s say you’ve been curious about Taekwondo but have never stepped into a studio. Maybe you didn’t want to commit to weekly classes or just felt intimidated getting started. Now you can come to The Expansion Center and simply try it out. Again, it is a place to explore and expand your life!

The Expansion Center itself will continue to expand as feedback comes in from the community. They want to hear from you – what you are wanting to learn and wanting to experience? Are there products you can’t get locally? Let them know that too. The center is there to support your expansion so let them know how they can serve you. 

Be sure to visit The Expansion Center during business hours, Wednesday – Saturday. You can learn more about their events, hours, and services on their Facebook and Instagram page at @theexpansioncentersiouxland, or on their website at

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